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August 28, 2014

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Sometimes,we need to value disappointments and frustrations because they give the best lesson in life. It is an effective lesson to behave and wake you up not to repeat the same mistakes done in the past.

There are many things to learn and to dream about. Other way, if you think about a lesson for yourself or ourselves, it’s not enough to just learn it in school. A good lesson would be learned effectively upon your own mistakes committed in the past. That’s the dosage of learning wise!

However, we do experience downfall before we learn what is right but, we also learn from everyday experience no matter how hurting and painful it was. Just be optimist,that is looking forward through the brighter side of life. If you think this way, you’ll never be the same person again in such a way that you’ve became better after what have been through in life. Past experience is just a history that will always remind us to see things in better light.

Take it from me,

Yours Truly



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