Paskotitap Lights and Sound Float Parade 2018

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My Birthplace, My Hometown Piat Cagayan

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Beautiful Sunrise Over the Clouds

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Beautiful Monarch Butterfly Landed On Flower

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Lazada Philippines

My Indoor and Outdoor Photography


By on January 14, 2012

Have you ever watched the clouds as it moves across the sky? How wonderful to see changes happen from time to time. It’s an impressive display of natural wonders.The sky is creating special effects. Today, without hesitation, I pulled my camera and aimed at the clouds.I want to capture the white and sharp radiance of the clouds above me. I’m getting sharp details and clear view along the way following the clouds with my camera.I was tempted to do this kind of shooting activity because the formation seems different at this time. The clouds move away very fast as they drifted apart. You are also a part of today’s activity and I hope you’ll enjoy viewing it.

Bright and beautiful!  2 great subjects just appeared, an airplane and a bird crossing with each other. It makes your viewing interesting. I’m now behaving like a professional photographer and a scientist as well. It caught my attention and thought, It would be a nice idea to include it, it makes scene more dramatic.I’m learning now.The sunlight reflection makes it interesting to view it.It was taken mid-afternoon in bright sunlight.

and one more. This is an eye-catching view! There’s a lot of intruders around to make your viewing more memorable. I think, I’m very lucky to have all this, with the beautiful  clouds as well.The clouds moves away quickly fast that made the sky clear and birds flew apart in different direction.

A cotton clouds, It looks like really a lightweight clouds in the sky.

Clouds changes position,formation,direction and colors too.

In doing this activity, I have learned a lot from this. I’m not done yet. I will post the next images with a landscape background. View for more tom.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on December 29, 2011

(Click on images to view larger)

Nothing can compare with the feeling you’ll get when you see the beauty of the sunset. When I first glimpse at the sunset, I couldn’t resist to photograph it. To see is to believe, but to experience it is another thing. I was so impressed with the scenery and could imagine how things could be better. it was really  beautiful! Here, You can savour the serenity and speak with your mind. Don’t you know that sunset has a healing power? I have discovered it by myself. I felt this admiration while watching and photographing this sunset upon descending below the horizon. I would like to share with you what’s good about it and, the feelings that I felt;

Firstly, You can achieve peace to yourself, It brightens my day and revitalize my mind. Allows me to think of past memories left behind, I have developed my patience when the lukewarm breeze blows that gives me a breathing space, An hour from a busy day makes a difference that brings a cheerful mood, The sunset light of perfection is perfect that you’ll appreciate God’s given beauty of nature, It is a perfect subject for photography, It brings calmness and dissipates stress, You’ll see the beautiful changes and transforming of lights into different colors, It will increase your knowledge to witness the sunwheel rotating and descending in front of you, The best science subject, You” ll develop a unique kind of admiration to see the sunset colors reflecting through the water.

What made you more exciting about it? It makes you think of the good things about your outlooks in life,  the convincing power was powerful to help you  tolerate your big problems when high pressured. Positive things would really comes to life and the happiness you’ll achieve to where your heart grows. Try the experience to watch the sunset.  It is the best way not only to communicate with nature but with yourself too. It’s a  special attraction you would like to visit more  as the fulfillment of your dreams, and lastly, It’s the most beautiful experience that you’ll cherish forever.

Note: I took this sunset during our short vacation in my own province.  Cagayan Valley Northern Luzon,  Sta Ana town. I took this sunset  at around 5:15- 5:25 pm. You’ll find Cagayanos as warm, kind and hospitable. Along the way, You’ll pass through places of interest. Going to Sta. Ana from Manila is about 10-12 hours drive.




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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on December 13, 2011

(Click on image to view larger)

It’s a beautiful and chilly night.Take a moment to view  something unique and adorable reminders of Christmas.I photographed this towering Christmas tree  around Metro Manila. It’s a night photography. You might probably wonder why I shot them at this time. This  photos will tell you! The brilliant reflections of bright and multi-clored   lights, the twinkling  and dazzling glow of small bulbs, slimmering reflections lights up the surroundings, the magical displays and colored lights outlining everywhere appeared with splendor and refreshing air creates a holiday scents.  So Many things to consider. In the Philippines,  Christmas trees comes in different varieties.  Many families enjoy making them on  their own depending on choice of whatever you wish to add on.  Some have choosen to add sparkling  spices  and multi-colored bulbs  around in order to create appropriate setting. No matter if it is natural or artificial, no matter what they are made off, still appeared to be very attractive and fascinating. The assortment of favorite things  makes you feel and smell  a holiday that Christmas is here! My greeting, Merry Christmas everyone.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on December 12, 2011

It’s 12 days before Christmas and every where you’ll see beautiful decorations; giant Christmas trees, sparkling Christmas ornaments,  brilliant lights, garlands and mangers  are set up in homes, indoors,outdoors, hotels, churches, schools, public places  and literally everywhere but, the best Nativity I’ve seen is the one inside the compound of Meralco. The entire compound was so spacious that it can accommodate everything. I took this shot the night we visited the fantastic place.  The entire place was  very bright and very pretty especially these huge manger. The colors remarkably unique and vivid.

This is the colorful manger of the Holy Family  infront of  Meralco building.These Nativity represents the story of the memorable night in Bethlehem where Baby Jesus was born. It creates spectacular welcome for the coming of Christmas.I was amazed to see this scene. It was a huge towering sight and the sounds of  choral around scents the air and brightens my spirit evenmore to think Christmas is near.See how beautiful it is! The reflections of sparkling lights around appeared to be splendor.It’s wonderful to see Christmas past comes back to life and the true meaning of religious celebration is not forgotten by the Filipino people.For me, Christmas is the best season of the year.It is the season for giving,forgiving and sharing. A season for a get-together gathering for family and friends.

Looking forward to visit this place again night before Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Pixel Pro Photography Exclusive

Funny Picture

By on December 7, 2011



 Hey, Man!

Anything goes!

It’s Comedy time for Pixel Pro.

Ever dream this man?  Nope

Is He a photographer? Yeap!

Is He a dedicated singer? Yeap!  

Is He a  graceful dancer? Yeap!

Is He our Super….man?  Off course!

                                  (click on image to view larger) 


This man jumps off  the top of  Leaning Tower all the way down just to get his  RM50.00 back, blown away  by the wind. ( Knowing H e will survive the ordeal and might be thinking,  He gets better after the impact. LOL!  A little bit closer to the ground and, this man would be one dead man!  Opppps!  This is a  photograph that would leave the readers  laughing.

This is for entertainment purposes only. Do not try and use the moves at home.

To the Conservative Readers  and the Grammatarians >  I  used the words commonly known as text-messaging words; OMG= Oh my God, and  LOL– laugh out loud (abbreviation)   a popular online  chatting and text messaging for teenagers, for easy understanding, and quick to write that  goes well with this comedy, thus, not to imitate  because it will kill our language. I also used the words, ‘‘Yeap’‘,  an alternative of Yup, means ”Yes is a fun slang for buddies.  Also the ‘‘Nope” word, means No, is also a slang.

Note: About the subject: (Pixel Pro Photography  Club member)

@Copyright  All rights reserved. No part of my work may be be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on December 1, 2011

It’s a quiet weekend routine.I woke up 35  minutes before sunrise and drove to Eastwood city for my early morning exercises; jogging, running and biking around the area.I’ve been doing this for quiet sometime now. As usual, I’ve scheduled  all my activities  in advance. Running and biking makes me feel good, energized all day long and  it’s good to burn my  extra fats too. As always, I brought my camera with me. I went running for 45 minutes, biking for another 30 minutes and would spend the rest of my time for photography.  I always carry my camera, whenever I go.  It’s not a problem, but, I hate to bring my tripod everytime,  so huge to carry. What I have now on hand is just a pocket sized Digital Canon. The good thing about it? It’s easier to use and convenient to  carry,  I can just simply place it inside my pocket and just focus to specific point and shoot, done. Very easy and light to carry while running around.There’s a large display  viewing all my photos and features is good as well. Here are the shots I have captured around Eastwood area. Happy Viewing!

(Click images to view larger)

The waterfront at the center of the shopping area.

Fountain is the most attractive scenes to view. Lots of people encircling the place, a  quiet place to relax after breakfast.It’s getting seriously fun here. It’s really a good place for shopping, dining and relaxing.

The high-rise buildings around.

A very modern design of architecture.I’m just curious, How long did it take to build these buildings? It may take years maybe. forgot the name of these buildings, I have to find it out again next weekend.

This is beautifulbeautiful but, I’m afraid of heights and just after this snap, I have kept my distance. Other buildings under construction near the area. I don’t want to be closer. I’m scared of the dust and the debris might fall anywhere.

Looking over the good pictures I took earlier. The result ended to be just a good one. Constant practice makes it perfect anyway. My adventure in shooting will not end up here. I will come back same place tonight. I still needed to come back  because It’s ”Greyson Chance’s concert around 7 p.m. Once more, it will give me a chance for nights shots so, keep coming back for a beautiful and amazing night shots.


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Pixel Pro Photography Exclusive | Travel and Adventure

Beyond the Magnificent Sunset

By on November 18, 2011

This sunset with a human element is amazingly gorgeous! It is a sort of opening welcome to my readers/viewers and to everyone who wants to escape the maddening crowd outside and and to calm after a hard day’s work. This sunset is  stunning nature of beauty and peacefulness. It shines brighter as it sinks into the water. The flashing of rainbow colors and the reflections of colored water makes me feel the cool scene and the refreshing breeze. It offers benefits to make you whisper the goodness of life and a perfect hide-away to think about the brighter side of life.  

You might want to take a look at the photo gallery, leading to Pixel Pro Photography Flicker and Pixel Pro Photography Shutterfly.

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( Click all images to view larger)



@Copyright  All rights reserved.  Fully illustratedNo part of my work may be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Bayside Tour

By on November 15, 2011

Today is my free day and I’m searching for a place to relax in order to have a peace of mind and a place where I can spend hours of my time taking photos. All I need is a perfect spot where I can refuge to escape today’s hassle after a hard day’s work.

I found myself at this place,Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard. It’s an hour drive away from home. What a welcoming glow! The sun is clear and the panoramic view is beautiful. It’s more beautiful now than ever before. This is not my first time to see this place but, I can’t even remember anymore the last time I’ve visited this place. That was years ago. It’s not only a place for pleasure now, it’s also a playground  for sports fanatics and relaxation. I did not arrange my time to shoot so to expect people will interrupt me. Sometimes, the presence of people is good because they serves as human element to make my view more dramatic and interesting.

No matter what kind of camera to capture,  splendid moments through lens is all that matters. I’m just doing justice to this beautiful place so allow me to make your viewing more memorable. I don’t want to stay on the same spot so I can get more sights and lots to share with my viewers. Let’s get started. Happy viewing!

(Click pictures to view larger)

A great place to start. I photographed myself for a remarkable memories to remember.  I don’t want to make myself to be the  the center of interest,I just want my tour to be remembered.The tour was , however,  about much more than just a  photography, It’s a pleasure that my heart desires. You can see behind me the wide clear blue sky.

This is the monument of Dr. Jose Rizal,our national hero. If we talked about changes over the decades, This place is more developed now. a full swing of development.

You can clearly see here our Philippine flag.

A beautiful and a lush landscapes. At this area, I took a slow walk so I can figure it out the right angles in shooting. Never ask me about details, I’m not a pro. I’m still learning and practicing a lot during my free hours.

The presence of a car and  a man is a good element  that makes photography more interesting.

This is a Calesa, a horse drawn cab here in the Philippines. I photographed this in front of the restaurant.

What  do you think makes this place unique?  It reminds tourist that Philippines  has a lot to offer and that you can enjoy the beauty of nature and scenery.

What a beautiful sun.

The sun  gives me the right energy for the day.

I reached Manila Bay at this point around 3:30 p.m. I settled down here waiting for the sunset.

The amazing sun over Manila Bay is still up, I waited for the right time to catch the view before it will settle down.While waiting,  giving me more rest and ample time to go to the nearest restaurant and eat.

I’m sitting here in front of  the Bayside.For me, Today seems like a holiday.

I photographed again myself for the last time. This is the most memorable and dramatic picture  I’ve ever had. I’m waiting for the sunset. I was very happy to see myself but, not to  interrupt the sunset. It seems like a photo postcard.

I found the serenity I’ve been looking for; peace of mind, freedom of movement, privacy and meditation. If you are searching for a relaxing and healing place, this is the place not to be missed.


I’m the subject of this article, I’m the writer and  the photographer. Let’s call it 3 in 1. I want  full details of these articles to be completed. I don’t want to miss complete details. This is just the part 1 of my story. The Part 2 would be ”THE AMAZING  SUNSET OVER MANILA BAY BLOG.” I will publish it next few weeks. I’m still in the process of choosing good photographs for you.  Thanks for stopping here.  

@Copyright  All rights reserved.  Fully illustratedNo part of my work may be reproduced, photocopying, and recording any information storage without any written permission from the author.


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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure

Snapshots in the City

By on November 2, 2011

Everytime I go out, I always bring my camera with me. As much as possible, I want to document beautiful places I’ve been to and keep memories with me forever.Photographing assorted landscapes in and out of the city is my current task these days.I’ve been doing these all the time especially during my free time. It’s just a hobby never to miss the opportunity to capture every details of magnificent places. I’m not a photographer but you may want to call me an ‘’amateur’’ instead. That’s fine. I’m trying my best and still learning. Nowadays, Sophisticated cameras can make photography easier than ever before. It’s  even easier now  to shoot unfamiliar places.The only problem I have encountered is the intense sunlight especially under a bright sunny sky. Anyway,I just want to achieve not a perfect one but, a better one. Let me show you some of the photographs taken around Metro Manila lately.  I have made a little clean-up and it looks more better.

View of the church. Taken around while driving around the city. Check the other picture,You’ll see the adjustment I’ve made. (Click on image to view larger)

The fish-eye effect.

There’s no harm trying to beautify your own pictures as long as it’s a real take. Even some of the pictures you’ll  see on newspapers, magazines are already edited and well-cleaned. It’s already a common practice wayback long time ago.There were other landscape scenes taken around. You can check next post.


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Events/ Holidays/ Special Occasions | My Indoor and Outdoor Photography

Christmas Treasures

By on October 18, 2011



(Click on image to view larger)

It is Christmas  time in the city.A splendid setting and presents of every shape and sizes piled under the Christmas tree reveals the coming of Christmas. It is just around the corner and everywhere. Here are some festive fashion accents and decorations to get you ready for the coming of Yuletide season.

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