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April 10, 2014

We call it ”Gumamela”, a common kind of flowers grown in the Philippines. The most popular one is the Chinese Hibiscus which is red in color and generally the ”Rose of China”.Today, there are many varieties of hibiscus to choose from, all different in colors sizes and texture. We also have the single type and the doubled flower of every size and shape. Some hibiscus was discovered growing wild in tropical regions. These are sun loving flowers, they can tolerate high levels of light and the kind of flowers¬†found throughout the year in any garden or in native habitat. Always seen around because it’s extremely easy to grow in any types of soil. Here are some photos of hibiscus flowers taken during my free time.¬†

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IMG_9227 copy






IMG_9296 copy


IMG_9436 copy


IMG_9438 copy


IMG_9442 copy


IMG_9483 copy


IMG_8489 copy


DSC09078 copy


DSC01534 copy


DSC02966 copy


DSC02972 copy


DSC02978 copy

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