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Oyster Reef

March 19, 2012


All kinds of shellfish are found here,The most impressive is the oyster reefs. I was amazed to see the oysters bed still undisturbed.It covers entirely the surface of the rocks closely related with.This shot was taken in Pangasinan Island during the harvesting season of oysters.The Hundreds Island of Pangasinan.A tourist attraction and a National Park. It is located in the Northern part of the Philippines.

Assorted seashells and shellfish.This is what you call ”The freshness of life,”definitely, it adds life. All kinds of fresh shellfish; oysters,mussels, cockles,wrinkles,scallops,and clams are found in this place.The lovely seashore is worth remembering, not to mention all kinds of deep water creatures found here.It is abundant in this area.(Don’t forget to click on images to view larger)

Walking around the seashore, you can spot different sea creatures.They are still alive here. If you can only smell the freshness. Mid-afternoon, nevermind the heat of the sun, the abundance of oysters and mussels compensates.You can even eat, get and bring home all you can.

The presence of starfish is also abundant here. This starfish is still alive.It was rough and spiky.

The presence of some crustaceans are found when least expected. Surprisingly awesome!

The panoramic view of the beach. How enjoyable to walk barefoot along the seashore.

Oyster lovers like this beautiful spot.The rocks where the oysters live is a great sight.

It’s getting darker around here but, you can view the colorful corals on the rocks.

This is a good timing considering the presence of seashells,panoramic view of the beach, and the  stunning sunset.The sun is about to set. so, my next blog would be the romantic setting of the sunset along the seashore of the Island.The continuation of this article. I hope you enjoyed viewing this beauty of nature. Come back to view the lovely sunset next post.

  1. Awesomeeee! The seafood and the sunset at the same time. I can’t wait to your next blog. I will view the sunset. Thanks for sharing articles with us.

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