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Morning Text Messages

December 12, 2012

The shortening of words in texting  is now a common practice.I don’t think the grammatarians will like it, as well as English teachers may not like the spelling altered.Others,They find it easier to type and understandable for easier and fast communication. It was a short cut lessening some words. Naturally, busy people on a rush are the ones who needs it.This is one good example on how it was altered.

This morning, I received a morning message from grandma. I was shocked,I thought it was an error message from someone. It was an internet slang word. I can’t believe grandma can do such thing considering her age as 72 years old.Is my grandma getting young at heart all over again back to childhood? Strange weird,isn’t it? My body goes cold at once! The message was so short and just 3 words, ” H r u ? Originally, it was written as How are you ? 2 weeks after, The original words (9 letters) was reduced making it to 5 letters again,omitted the 2 letters of the first word ”How’‘ and written as ”How r u ?” Now, it was reduced again to 3 letters remaining, ”H r u ?’‘ I don’t think she can reduce it all over again. I can’t even define it as a word with sense!

I can just do  the same thing too. OMG! Let’s LOL ! Nobody is too old for grandma! Getting tummy ache for laughing too hard.

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