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Blowing Ring Bubbles in the Sky

September 7, 2015

Blowing soap bubbles is a fun way for the kids to enjoy the hot day especially during weekends.The first thing that probably comes into your mind when you hear blowing bubbles, (not underwater bubbles, not smoke ring) it’s soap bubbles in the air, it’s a kid’s play, Ohh yes! Great fun and mood lifter for the kids.

Capturing the vibrant color of ring bubbles in the sky

To capture the vibrant colors, it’s better to do it during hot day, hot weather is the best opportunity because it brings out and makes most vibrant colors. To see my own shots, it reminds me of my childhood days, that was long time ago, ┬áme with my cousin use to blow ring bubbles together, we are enjoying it under the big tree. That was really fun for us, i can still remember the good old days but how fast time flies? it seems like yesterday…

I’ve captured just a few photos and worth to share. Let’s get started!

Fly, fly and away….


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