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Blowing Ring Bubbles in the Sky

By on September 7, 2015

Blowing soap bubbles is a fun way for the kids to enjoy the hot day especially during weekends.The first thing that probably comes into your mind when you hear blowing bubbles, (not underwater bubbles, not smoke ring) it’s soap bubbles in the air, it’s a kid’s play, Ohh yes! Great fun and mood lifter for the kids.

Capturing the vibrant color of ring bubbles in the sky

To capture the vibrant colors, it’s better to do it during hot day, hot weather is the best opportunity because it brings out and makes most vibrant colors. To see my own shots, it reminds me of my childhood days, that was long time ago,  me with my cousin use to blow ring bubbles together, we are enjoying it under the big tree. That was really fun for us, i can still remember the good old days but how fast time flies? it seems like yesterday…

I’ve captured just a few photos and worth to share. Let’s get started!

Fly, fly and away….


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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on April 30, 2013

I already knew in advance that the weather is good so I pushed through Tagaytay city.Although it’s a hot summer but, this is the best time to explore beautiful places away from home.Work was so stressful lately and this is the best time to relax. I need to stop the day’s work to make a serious travel. Sometimes, you’ll feel excited that you’ll end up sleepless before the trip.

Not that far,it’s just more than an hour drive away from Manila,Tagaytay, Its not only known for its natural beauty and beautiful scenery but,it’s a cool zone for glimpse moments outdoor fun and adventure. Tagaytay has grown different species of flora; rare orchids, huge sunflowers,fragrant roses, hardy ferns,cacti,as well as fruits and vegetables,ornamental plants,hardy perennials, chrysanthemums,dahlias,lilies, and flowers for water gardens.

The scenery taken around will remind my foreign friends that Philippines is beautiful and rich in cultural heritage.I took shots of beautiful sights that captured my attention.Shots taken around will surely impress my visitors,it was fascinating enough according to my friends who came to visit lately.This is just documenting  the natural scenery during my travel to remember my happy summer adventure for this year 2013.

Along the way, I made a quick stop.


I was so tired but to see the lovely scenes around makes me cheerful and lively.


Stop to look and shoot !

IMG_4660 copy

Covered with forest which i totally dark inside,it was a resources for the local people living in this area.I think, it’s already enough to sustain their needs once you’ll see the vast vegetation.

IMG_5069 copy

Dark forest and mountainous site.


Amidst the hectares of land,bountiful  rice fields and tropical vegetation fluorished.

IMG_4638 copy

The beautiful wide array of pineapple plantation.Regular harvest of pineapples done every weekends.It become the real benefit to the buyers came from other towns and cities.

IMG_5195 copy

Sweet pineapples newly harvested.One pleasure of travelling to Tagaytay is famous for tropical fruits.What’s summer without these fruits? The freshness of fruits cools me down. Name it,they have it.

IMG_4679 copy

The giant sunflower fields.The flower was unique. Let me show you the flower itself.(see next pic.)Other varieties of trees,orchids and flowering plants to see around.

IMG_4678 copy

This is a giant sunflower, traditionally bigger compared to other varieties.The sunflower plant was even taller than me.Some have finished flowering,I’ve collected some dried seeds to bring it home for the hope to produce our own sunflower garden in our own backyard.Aside from sunflowers,there were a lot more.(Check pictures below)

IMG_5143 copy

Leisurely walk around beautiful flowers.Philippines is a home to 70% flora and fauna.

598419_299582656828601_1671111274_n (1)

A lot of Philippine flowers and orchids around.The exotic range of Dahlias; Single-flowed dahlia,Paeony dahlia, Large-flowered cactus dahlia,Decorative dahlia, and Small pompon dahlia.


Pink and attractive.


I reached the boarder of the Taal Lake.


The green forest with the crystal lake beyond. At the top, I can still smell the refreshing scent of the flowers.


Lake Taal and Taal volcano in the province of Batangas. Naturally romantic that will touch your heart.

IMAG0289 copy

Taal volcano was considered as one of the world’s smallest volcano.


The beautiful landscape of Taal vista park. Over viewing Taal volcano and Lake Taal.I’ve been to this place more than once,you may always want to return once you’l see the romantic view.


We’ve been here camping and vacationing. Some huge trees as the outpost and beneath the trees are different varieties of plants and flowers.


Taal Vista hotel,all conveniences one might expect.Aside from cool atmosphere,It was the best dining site serving your favorites the way you want it.The array of international dishes you can choose. It was cooked into perfection.


Entertainment while having lunch. Beautiful local dancers performed cultural dance shows.

IMG_4899 copy

After lunch, We stop-by Grandma’s house for a quick snack and rest for an hour.

IMG_4886 copy

I took an hour ride biking around the area. It was cool.


It was already almost 6 pm when we went home. We passed by the same way and stopped along to take a good shot of the greenfield. It was almost sunset.The view was glamorous below. I was watching the sun rapidly sinking beyond horizon. To see the sunset was a calming spirit to change the state of mind.

IMG_5190 copy

There were a lot of fruit stalls along the road. I’ve stopped to buy some local fruits to bring home.All summer fruits available here,we got ripe mangoes,bananas and pineapples. The presence of durian as considered the king of fruits,I hate that horrible smell. I never dare to get closer.

IMG_5227 copy

Sweet bananas. It took a week for us to consume the whole thing.

IMG_5205 copy

Ripe  and sweet mangoes.

IMG_5204 copy

Mangostan fruit.


Just after the sunset, we’re following the dark skies back home.


My adventure touched my life.It was a beautiful memories to cherish forever.

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