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Bee Buzz

May 9, 2012

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It seems, I have captured something hidden! Cameras could really reveal something interesting that cannot be seen by our naked eye. Caught on camera, the most interesting part of pollination. You can clearly see here the pollen grains has sticked to the hind legs of the baby bee. Click on image to see and believe. The pollen grains color is dark orange.The bees hind legs was fully covered with pollen grains. When the bee fly to another flower,the pollen grains are transferred to the stigma of the flower. These baby bee is performing the process of pollination. The bees body and legs are fully covered with hair, the reason why pollen grains can easily stick on it.

Lately, I have scheduled myself for a summer photo-shoot for the insects, It  started 2nd week of April. Obviously interested to snap them and it’s a full package. I have completed the photos for the movement of pollination. Previous posts was the close-up photos of honeybees which will show you the clear body parts of a bee. Now, I need to compile everyting in order for easy uploading for the next post. I have photographed and collected more than 50 clear photos of honeybees  already. You’ll surely see it next post.

If you can see some blurry photos of bees here, well, Don’t ever think my luck was about to run out. It doesn’t make me feel better but, it’s a shame to hide it as well. You’ll make me feel better to call it, just an amateur mistakes! This is definitely the place to criticize photos. I will welcome it! LOL! It’s ok bees, go for it!


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