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March 14, 2013

IMG_0119 copy

Blue tongue lizard is 9 inches long with a shiny grey spot which is pale in color.

A common sight visiting the garden everyday.I’ve found this Blue tongue lizard inside the rock hole  beside the pond.The hole is the main quarter which serves as a good shelter from the sun and a perfect place to hibernate.The pond is cool and moist place which is good for the body temperature.It’s hard to distinguish whether it’s male or female.According to my research, Male lizards are orange or red dotted with black,the female is paler.I guess,it’s a female one because it’s paler in color. Some lizards can regenerate tail if it is lost and shed their skin in several pieces. The house lizard which is common inside the house is one good example. When the tail was cut off, the other part is still moving and seems alive after it’s been cut off.Lizards feed on insects like bees, spiders and worms.Sometimes, climbing the walls,rocks and trees.However,this lizard loves to steal food meant for the dogs.Every time the dog turns away, this reptile comes out to steal it. Food scraps is sometimes a special attraction for this blue tongue lizard.Got lots of dogs around and I hope,lizard bite is not as fatal as the snake.

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