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The Path of your Dreams

April 1, 2012

I have used little details on giving some reminders on how to make your dream comes true.It’s just a short poem, readable, and make believe to fulfill your dreams turning it into a reality.My first idea to begin with, To greet you  with the glow of my own image sitting in front of a beautiful spot, waiting for the sunset to come out.I’m planning to use all landscape pictures I’ve photographed earlier.I don’t want to waste any images taken somewhere.It came out to be a good idea making such poem using my own images. Isn’t it? The hardest part? It’s hard to make a fresh poetic words that will blend connecting each other. I’m reviewing all my drafts made earlier,I would like to strengthen,making it better for the next post.There’s no harm trying, Nobody’s perfect! I will surely learn from it. I’ve already learned a lot from the first one. We’ll see the next post.

  1. nice….
    time is precious……….. life is time n time is life…… so wasting tat is such a blunder……..
    yeah in lyf tiny things r too much valuable…. smetimes it learn us too much….
    cz smething smething makes big thing,………

    awesums words……..

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