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The Final Resting Place

August 16, 2013

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It was a bright and beautiful sunny day but,For all of us,the pain is too great to bear”. My Tita Nena’s journey in heaven is a very meaningful and special memories to recall.It adds more loneliness to view the peaceful and serene resting place.

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 Sanctuary of Peace (Tuguegarao Memorial Park). Taken during the burial of Tita Nena.

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White color balloons ..up up and away, until it disappeared out of sight.

IMG_7250 copy

The grandchildren holding the balloons before releasing, as they pay their last respects. You can clearly see the balloons was even marked,”We love you Lola Nena”. Pamela(center) holding the picture of Tita Nena.

IMG_7290 copy

We firmly believed that these white balloons will direct the right path and guide our aunt on her journey in heaven.

IMG_7285 copy

The final goodbye.The private burial rites and the burial site of Tita Nena. 

Wherever you may be,We will always remember you,We love you and you will always be alive in our hearts!”May you rest in peace”.

My blog as my expression of grief and sadness over the death of our own aunt.It was really difficult to write with heavy loads of emotional feeling.My tears flowing down my cheeks while writing.I just can’t hold on to stop it. 


This is just the the Part 1 of these article. Full and complete pictures of Funeral mass and  Burial rite  to view soon. My apology for delaying these subject due to some markings,cropping and to resize multiple pictures. Part 2 to be continued next post.

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