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Halloween 2014

By on October 29, 2014

My Halloween Presentation for this year,2014

You can’t find what’s in unless you go out and see what’s new. In my case, I don’t have to look very far to find some spooky and horrible stuffs to show off, they are just around the corner and everywhere. Lately, I took some bone-chilling photographs during my hunt for strange things and figures for my ”Halloween Special”  Some photographs is something closer to shocked! I took these photos while walking around Eastwood city.

10482053_1511018472487569_4823409287034028680_n copy

The Gingerbread House

10361328_1511018792487537_5811083158338421651_n copy

A kiddie ride park  was set up on the other corner and Halloween superheroes show.

10310959_1511020585820691_4378722203292857921_n copy

The ”Red Crab”, Alimango house

Along the corridors is a ”Red Crab” an Alimango house, serves the best crab in the city, they got the best theme and Halloween costume.

10647133_1511020435820706_1676443472492294522_n copy

Very beautiful Halloween theme.

10394132_1511019122487504_620771676667015963_n copy

The most feared but I admired you guys for having the guts to do this freaky thing, I know it’s a part of your job, isn’t it? You look like a friendly zombie!  Do you think this one is cute and cuddly? then, this one is for you.

In front of a restaurant where customers would enter and be greeted by a zombie, a dead man walking covered with blood and taken his hands off while the other hand is holding it.

Trick or treat?

If you choose treat then these photos for sharing but, if you pick trick then these guys are your besties.

10312686_1511017892487627_6387722289829118659_n copy

Bloodied zombie with a frontal stab, it looks like a morgue. A living dead sleeping? I think, zombies never sleep.

149354_1511019649154118_6563789790729535924_n copy

The lower half body of ”manananggal” You can see the internal organs. The most scared but admired. Take a sharp glance and click on images to view larger.

10421198_1511017829154300_3679495721960101904_n copy

Caught on camera, the zombie was smiling to perform his real halloween move! Other restaurant crews wearing their Halloween costume. Other costumes like the Werewolf, Demon, Hunchback  of Notre Dame and many more..

Other pictures taken around Eastwood Mall. This is an amusement park for kids. I think, it was intended just for this Sunday event.

10435747_1511018122487604_2045054950429904522_n copy


10389558_1511019535820796_1163943100276213953_n copy


10406360_1511018529154230_453511565837055855_n copy


10301510_1511019025820847_3830900019762515769_n copy


1919620_1511019205820829_8754784005113968780_n copy

The Rubber Slide for kids.

10710522_1511018662487550_6228586176638099807_n copy

For the kids to enjoy, this is the best place.

10417713_1511018565820893_511877016091662881_n copy

Full of people all around.

10570328_1511019085820841_8040969893534471473_n copy

Front view of Rubber Slide.

1970818_1511018759154207_8633969240573659566_n copy

It looks like an early Halloween celebration last Sunday.

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Events/ Holidays/ Special Occasions

My Halloween Image

By on November 3, 2012

16166_1510321032557313_9107624218661880571_n copy

Getting ready for a halloween party. My Halloween costume is a zombie. What a total transformation! The make-up applied on my face was temporary good for only for 3 hours, I’m prone to allergies and bit sensitive to wet make-up.Hence, they have used a hypo-allergenic one with no bad reaction afterwards.

However, I’m scared to see my own self.It looks like, I need a general surgery here.Creepy,isn’t it? LOL! I would like to thank my make-up artist for making me looks  like a horrible  zombie! Yikes! I want my face back!

Note: Click on image to view larger

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