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Ice Castle

By on January 20, 2015

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Ice Castle

Along the way going to Tagaytay City, we made a quick stop because I saw this towering ice castle across the street. Over-looking from afar, it was beautiful and Translucent.The Ice Castle is a magical winter tale of Valenza by Crown Asia. The Valenza -Crown Asia in Sta. Rosa Laguna  is a popular subdivisions with Italian architectural features.

Approaching from behind is the vivid reflections of the sunset that made the landscape more radiant and flashy.This is a serious Holiday landscape dressing up for the season followed with street signs. You can see the presence of frozen lake, polar bears, Santa  with Carousel, winter deer, Christmas trees  and Ice castle.The outfit of the landscape is a winter zone setting that happens to be in the flat farmlands of the city.

It would be more nicer if the aerial view was taken. From a far distance, it was almost perfect! I can just describe it as a traffic stopping landscape because of number of people taking pictures in front of the castle.

Let me show you a few of my snapshots

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 The winter deer. it looks like sled deer.

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10898316_1547400408849375_5191877833424610001_n copy

 The Towering Ice Castle

10906113_1547400458849370_7079329084978859587_n copy


10917825_1547400375516045_7116306874703199114_n copy

Santa with carousel

10418989_1547401145515968_2083762362522764898_n copy

Street Sign

Furthermore, the charms despite the southern woodland address spreads the cheer for the for the holiday spirit.

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