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Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort

By on January 24, 2019

A visit to Peñablanca leads you to a discovery of a hidden paradise, it’s a perfect hideaway for a relaxing holiday. Cagayanos often talks about the beauty of this resort, a beautiful resort you shouldn’t miss when you are in Tuguegarao, the Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort,  a family run resort, it’s here where you can enjoy the exceptional comfort, beauty, affordability and convenience.

My friend Mimi from Tuguegarao invited me to have a brief visit to her aunt’s resort. All three of us; Mimi, Me and Miyam went over to the said place. For overall town view heading to the resort, you’ll pass through the scenic route overlooking the beautiful Pinacanauan river. Upon approaching the entrance, you’ll know immediately why it is called, ‘’ Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort’’ When we were there, we were given a glimpse by Mimi’s aunt into some of their suites, we walked around admiring its vast space, we stopped often to take pictures. It’s just a short tour to show amenities the resort offers, it’s pretty-much everywhere.

What People love about Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort

Note: Rooms and Rates below

Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort located in Barangay Cabbo Peñablanca Cagayan, the resort situated amidst huge hectares of land with a beautifully manicured lawn and a lush tropical garden. Just 20-minutes drive away from Tuguegarao and 35-minutes from Tuguegarao Airport.

It’s your best advantage to book here. It is convenient for long staying travelers. From here, you can easily reach other popular tourist attractions nearby such as; Iguig Calvary Hills, Callao Cave, Sierra Cave to mention a few..

Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort Front Desk

It offers many options for relaxation. From its dramatic edge farm view, the standard features enveloped by trees, mountains, a beautiful sunrise and sunset view, it really has the soothing energy of nature.

Tourists and vacationers from elsewhere in Cagayan tend to visit this resort, it’s been a favorite venue for many events, private functions, hosting conferences, corporate events, family reunions, birthdays, Bridal shower, baptismal, graduation ball, anniversary celebrations and wedding receptions.

Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort

Many people dream of getting away from a busy life by escaping to a paradise hideaway just like Balai ta Koman, it offers safe spaces for the kids, it’s also a family-friendly resort for summer outings and evening parties too.

Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort

 The resort features a clean and modern guest room in a 3-storey building, cabana, pavilion, reception lounge, conference room, function room to accommodate your guests, stunning poolside with the magnificent background view of hills and mountains, tree-shaded parking space, sound entertainment system and a sparkling outdoor swimming pool which are primarily designed for daytime and overnight use.

Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort

Balai ta Koman divided into different phrases that provides comfortability and top presentation, each has its own unique characteristics.

Family Room
Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort is naturally beautiful and clean, it’s quiet different from many other resorts.

Balai ta Koman has undergone new developments and renovations, it allows you to feel the best that you are longing for. All suites with balconies that offers a wide view of the serene surroundings.

Matrimonial/Double Room

Outdoor Swimming Pool is wide enough to accommodate big families and group of friends.

Sparkling Swimming Pool

Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Balai ta Caronan Farm Resort Wedding  Reception and Venues    

Note: Rooms and Rates Attached at the end of the article         


Dream wedding usually comes true and this is also ideal for you if you have plans in the near future. Attractive lighting accent plays brilliant into the poolside.

Romantic evening glow of a Poolside Wedding Reception

The eye catching wedding venue and poolside wedding ideas is truly sophisticated, charming and casually elegant.
Balai ta Koman Farm Resort, notable for their striking presentation.

Chapel Wedding

Gorgeous Poolside wedding reception

Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort ~ Table Setting, Ideas and Decorations

One of the most important aspect of planning a wedding is deciding on what to eat and drink.

The ideal venue

For the gourmet, luscious concoctions of fruits and other delicate aspic creations.

Clarity is good , clear and clean table arrangement.

Romantic table setting

Festive evening atmosphere celebrating with family and friends.

This resort offers never ending series of courses to choose from.

Menus are native, western and other local favorites.

Focal glow when food commands attention as the background lights commands interest.

Truly authentic Filipino cuisine that we always crave for which can only be found in Balai ta Koman.

With a unique and sophisticated wedding platters, best of salads and buffet cookery on the table.

Elegant fruit dessert

Mama Meding’s 89th birthday celebration. A Boodle Fight style, big pile of  native favorites are served in the middle of long table.

The authentic Filipino cuisine deliciously fresh with the best ingredient that people come to expect.

Experience the distinguishing features of a good resort for your next holiday vacation, Balai ta Koman Caronan Farm Resort is a perfect destination and a great host to everything you need, pampering awaits you here…

Thank you so much Grace Audrey Caronan

For Special Functions and Social events, reservations and Inquiries

Balai ta koman Caronan Farm and Hotel Resort

Address:  Cabbo, Peñablanca Cagayan

Phone: For Booking Discounts Call – 0927 715 5851


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