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By on June 3, 2014

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The Philippine Bonsai Society celebrated its 41st year anniversary with the primary aim to promote bonsai growing and appreciation in the Philippines. This year’s major event, ”National Bonsai Exhibition and Competition  2014”  showcasing the best and the most popular bonsai collections in the Philippines from May 23-June 1 was  held at People’s Park 1& 2 Tiendesitas with participants from Metro Manila  and provinces such as Palawan, Pampanga, Ilocos to name a few.

With the presence of foreign visitors came all the way through from USA, Indonesia and Taiwan. Among the guests of honor and judges, BCI president Dr. Thomas Elias, from USA, Budi Sulistyo from Indonesia and 2 from Taiwan, Yen Tzu-Ching and Tan Chin-Fen. All 4 judges will provide top awards and merits of excellence for the winners. A lot of activities during the exhibition period like;free Bonsai lectures and workshops by bonsai artists.

I was there during the 2nd day and the 5th day. Hundreds of precious collections and winning entries displayed during the exhibition. Some displays are huge and others are miniature, I guess that’s hard to move and transport. It was my first time I had ever seen multiple kinds of bonsai in a beautiful art form, widely set bonsai displays favoured a great welcome.

The precious collections are beautiful and styled in a very unique way although, you can see the common type presented but in  a different setting. Perhaps,the great bonsai artists today are now more impressive and current. The different perspective of bonsai artist transforming each into a styled bonsai art, the unique art expression and wild imagination to create such one is impressive. Perhaps, sharing their passion creating a bonsai art form, the huge contribution and quality work always shine. We are fully blessed to have talented bonsai artists of today.

I’ve learned that the most beautiful and rare bonsai are found in the mountains. I’m really interested to have a part collection but, I don’t have the time to hunt in the mountains. I was also told, that bonsai in the mountains are for keeps and it’s our precious treasure but, threatened. The rare ones are being cleared from the mountains where they grow. Others, they don’t care as long as it fits their own interest bringing some in the city for repotting. The good thing about it, bonsai today are being multiplied and produced by collectors to reduce further hunting in the mountains.

I took some photos during the exhibition. I was very happy to keep some precious photos of winning displays and stored it here just for you!

Let me take you around to check all the exhibits. It’s just like a time machine that could take me back in time. Bonsai landscape and unique appearance, those I’ve seen in the movies,’’Harry Potter,’’  Fairy tale setting and ‘’Lord of the Ring. Others in the jungle setting from the movie ‘’Lion King’’ you’ll see everything here.

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First of all, read the reminder!

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You can see here the best bonsai styles that can change your mood; single trunk, Twin trunk and tri- trunk, Multi-trunk, Literati, Cascade, Raft, Root-over-rock, Exposed root, Shari trunk and Landscape.

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Wiring lecture and demo. The sample bonsai that was used during the lecture, it was already trimmed. Various lectures and demo presented by the bonsai experts.For me, I think the wiring is the most difficult part.You need a metal wire  to modify the shape of the bonsai and to prevent the branches from being damaged.

Cutting it, will stimulate growth of a new leaf. If you let me describe everything, It feels like it’s a long term relationship between the owner and the bonsai because of continues beautification. However, the forming seems to be a torture to the plant itself because you are controlling the old growth to give way to a new growth and to add more the bending form, that is to deform the original direction just to make it gorgeous.  Am I right? If not, I think, I need to attend more demos and lectures but, I have mentioned the good aim above.

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Free Bonsai lectures and workshops by bonsai artists. Sharing passion for creating an art form.  The experts will demonstrate about leaf trimming, cutting methods and wiring.

The best and the most popular display are expensive. Other bonsai presented are large enough. It takes 20 to 30 years and above to reach the peak of perfection. Bonsai nurtured by artificial method, they survive according to the wishes of the bonsai artist unlike those in the mountains that they can easily adapt to the environment without any disturbance.

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What a  beautiful form!

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Very artistic.

IMG_4853 copy

Impressive! It looks like a double frog down there.

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One of a kind. I love that old trunk.

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It looks like a tree in the ”Paradise Island.”

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It looks like a tree in the jungles of Korea.

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It looks like a walking tree.

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It resembles the tree in the movie ”Harry Potter.”

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Gorgeous!  It looks like hunted, the ghost scene and the spirits just around.

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Very beautiful.

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It looks like a creepy setting.It looks like the one I’ve seen in the movie ”Harry Potter”.

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It’s a fairy tale paradise.

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Nicely curved bonsai.

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When the branches grow downward is a cascade style.

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The Wow display, fresh and luscious approach, seems to be the crowd’s favorite. It was the most photographed one. I heard grandma saying”this one is a real fruit tree, snap me beside the fruit tree. We call the fruit”Lumbuy” in the north but they call it ”Igot” in the south.I would like to pick some fruits but, how can I? there was a notice not to touch any of the display and there will be penalty for each branch and tree damaged. While there, I will just wait for the fruit to fall naturally.

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Bonsai clinging to a rock.

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Attractive  landscape. (up and down Photos) It looks like a nesting place of the dragons.

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The winning Bonsai.” BCI Excellence Award” (the owner Roberto Bobby Gopiao)

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Simply the finest surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

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The bonsai roots was exposed.

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The single trunk.

Thank you guys for sharing your beautiful collections! I’m not done yet. See you next posts.

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