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Paskotitap 2011- Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade

By on March 6, 2012

On my way going to the supermarket, passing parade float caught my attention. I rushed to catch out, and parked my car on the side street just to take snapshots. Street parking was limited and I’m scared to leave my car behind, my car would be towed away. The Christmas light and sound electric float parade has the power to stopped me along the way. Absolutely, it was my first time ever to see these beautiful floats carrying different movie theme such as; Angry Birds, Power Puff Girls, Captain America, Superman, Kungfu Panda, Hercules, Buzz Light Year and Woody, Toy Story and many more. It was a project of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig and Ortigas group of companies with the help of School teachers, Barangay and City officials.

All  electric floats was attractively colorful and creative, even the float design and decorations was fabulous. I was so excited to capture some floats and decided to  follow the night parade all the way going to City hall.So far, It was an unforgettable event.To bring home stunning photos of my own is awesome! Let’s get started.

 (Don’t forget to click on images to view larger)

Knowing what to expect, a great crowd along the way. It was crowded that even kids and adults stayed throughout the evening just to watched it Leaving my car behind, I followed the route of the parade blocks away just to get a good spot.

Float carrying the movie theme,”Captain America.”The street cannot accommodate hundreds of people blocking my view to take a shot!

Float carrying the movie theme,”Angry Birds.”

The performers applying their make-up beside the float behind, and I’m more than welcome to take photos with them.

Chinese floats introduced the Chinese animated figures.

As you can see people, These parade got the audience full attention.

Those lavish and elaborate costumes goes well with the theme of the float they are representing.

This is a Kung-Fu Panda Float.


Kung-Fu Panda float




Float carrying the movie theme,”Hercules.”

I took this shot meters away. It seems my shooting could hardly end. I’m enjoying taking snapshots here, and there.

”The Buzz Light Year and Woody”, A toy story theme float.


”Angry birds” float



The Christmas dancers. Ended the day so exhausted but, the attractions relieved my stress. It was definitely unforgettable as it is a rare, not seen every time around the city.

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