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Ants: Busy Life

By on June 10, 2013

IMG_9729 copy

Soldier ant, take a closer look.You can clearly see the external features here; head,thorax and the abdomen.The strong mandibles ready to bite,it was wide opened.

A termites nest I’ve discovered.Ants live in colonies and underground.In these photos you can see all types of ants; worker ants,carpenter ants and the soldier ants.They are red and black in color.The soldier ants role, from the word,”soldier” itself, they are responsible to protect their queen and fellow ants, the worker ants getting busy to gather food all day long and the carpenter ants dig in the woods for more convenient and comfortable nesting site.They usually store foods for rainy days.During rainy days, ants can’t go out to gather food,this is the reason why,they store food in advanced or before rainy days. The foods was stored inside their nest and good enough to sustain the entire colonies.

IMG_1988 copy

Worker ants in large numbers.It is common to my place that you’ll see them everywhere.Their nest seems to be a very crowded place to live in.The annoying part is the pain bites injecting sting.

IMG_6680 copy

The soldier ants on duty.Ants also live in stems of the tree

IMG_2922 copy

The ants hill.

IMG_6664 copy

Carpenter ants live here.Master carpenters,they dig deeper inside the wood.You can just imagine how strong their jaws are.

IMG_6656 copy

Carpenter ants nesting place. Fully displayed revealing deep excavation. Whew ! I  learned a lot from my own discoveries.

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