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Roses in a Vase

By on February 24, 2014

IMG_4066 copy

Floribunda and Hybrid Tea Roses   (Click on image to view larger)

Fragrant roses in a vase makes a lovely centerpiece on the table.Extra large blooms makes a lovely blend that provides fine shades of interesting color combinations. Among the good varieties of Floribunda Roses and Hybrid Tea Roses; Persian Yellow, Adolf Horstmann, Sutter’s Gold, Derek Nimmo, Friendship, and Elizabeth Tailor to name a few. When I bought these roses, it was partially opened until the day after comes to full bloom. I transferred it immediately to a trumpet vase which good enough to hold the stems and flowers firmly,reducing the water just enough for the vase. I have arranged them accordingly mixing all the varieties so colors will stand out. Arranging long-stemmed roses is easy because all varieties are suitable for any floral arrangement.The beauty, colour and fragrance looks appropriate to any style.

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