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Watching the Beautiful Sunset, Family Relaxing Activity

By on April 13, 2018

Up high on a cliff provides picturesque charm to view the majestic sunset, this is the most relaxing and meaningful family moment watching the sun until it descend beneath the horizon.

Taking in the view from the Cliff Jump site admiring the coastline  of scenic seaside fronting South China Sea, the windswept the dry leaves of palm trees and stairs leading down to the beautiful ‘’Sunset beach. From the left, a spectacular rock dominating the higher range of mountains down to the deep blue sea.

Thanks God for the intimate and peaceful moment of serenity and togetherness inspired by nature. Balancing work and family home life was tough, this is the only time for me to refresh and we’re all here to remove the gravity of stress brought by urban life.This is the most fun we’ve ever had together and memorable way to end the day.


Communicating with the beauty of nature around Tali Beach, our 5-day summer vacation getaway is not enough and now, we are opting for one big vacation.


If you love sunset and other landscape scenery, If you are here in Nasugbu, Batangas, don’t miss the opportunity. Cliff Jump site among the best photography location to photograph the beautiful sunset!

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Events/ Holidays/ Special Occasions | Gardening/Greenery/Garden Insects | My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on May 5, 2014

IMG_0127 copy

Me and my family visited Tagaytay last week. Tagaytay, one of the coolest place in the Philippines, well known for its beautiful scenery, quiet spots and all geographical wonders of nature. Everything interesting is here. It’s not our first time to visit Tagaytay, We had visited these place a countless times already.So far,the 4 days Holy week vacation gave me ample time to cover some places and people around.

I’ve made myself very busy and active touring around the green community of Taal. All things to feature such as; Beautiful landscape surrounding Taal lake, the Taal volcano, one of the world’s smallest volcano, the Puzzle Museum, the Tagaytay Highlands, the Culinary feast of mushrooms and salad vegetables, the beautiful garden flowers, the Sunflower farm, the Pineapple plantation, the Coconut plantation, the scene of the night in Sky Ranch as the newest Amusement Park, Fruit and Pasalubong  stalls, Souvenir shops to name a few .

Exploring  around gave me a better mood to relax, more time to do fitness routine. I love Tagaytay because it’s just an hour drive away from home and lots of activities you can do here; Cycling, jogging, walking, and hiking usually done early in the morning to reduce my stress  or even by just watching the low clouds, sunrise and sunset while in the balcony. You can also enjoy Kayacking, horse riding and picnic areas is also good.

What could possibly cooler than to see the Puzzle Museum, a home for the World’s largest collection of Jigsaw puzzles  listed in the Guinness book of records, and more so, to meet the present ”Guinness World Record Holder,Gina Gil-Lacuna. All interesting things I’d love to cover especially people and places, making it more exciting to have fun and bond with my family, that’s super excitement for me. To explore  the nature side as well,you’ll realize how beautiful they are!

I have so much activities and more to say about it. I couldn’t possibly place in one article alone, so this is just my first version as my journey continues. With too many places to visit, people to meet and interview, 4 days is not really enough although, itineraries was readily planned in advanced, yet, so little time. I need to get back all those I’ve missed and compensated soon.

Note: Click on images to view larger

Just sit down, relax and click, I will tour you around for awhile! The first day of adventure starts. See what happens when nature takes over…

IMG_4649 copy

Lake Taal, total picture of calm, peaceful and cool. All  wildflowers around swinging gracefully in an open air.

IMG_0018 copy

Taal volcano, one of the world’s smallest volcano. 

IMG_5032 copy

So far, this is the latest photo.

IMG_9677 copy

Farmers in Tagaytay have to adopt where farming are practiced on slopes, Others areas inhabited by trees has transformed into commercial establishments; big hotels, golf courses, amusement parks and restaurants. Other lands abandoned has turned wisely into coconut, jackfruit and pineapple plantation. To my surprised, it was a fast growth and development. Perhaps, people always in search of better ways to improve way of life. Pieces of thoughts, they want fast growth and good profit. Some lands converted to a new development. Sometimes, you have to sacrifice one in order to bring up a new one.

IMG_9360 copy

 Biking around the community.

IMG_9872 copy

Me with the famous,Gina Gil Lacuna, the present ”Guinness book of record holder for the largest collection of Jigsaw puzzles.

IMG_9818 copy

Puzzle Museum

IMG_9819 copy

 Some collections of Gina.

IMG_9060 copy

Lots of fruits  around; Jackfruit is good if you can take the smell of it. More fruits like bananas,mangosteen, mangoes, avocado, pineappled and many more..

 IMG_9466 copy copy

The Sunflower farm, one of the best garden feature to highlight here. Nature’s side, It was wild and lovely in full golden yellow color. The ”Sunflower farm has been the source of attraction just like the pineapple field.

IMG_9983 copy

Beautiful garden flowers. It is a mass full of blooms. All flowers burst into blooms.

 IMG_0036 copy

Full bloom under the sun.

IMG_9934 copy

 The intensity of summer heat was not even the problem here. I can take it as well.

IMG_9297 copy

Lovely Gumamela

IMG_9518 copy

Coconut Plantation

IMG_9048 copy

Pineapple Plantation

IMG_0382 copy

My night photography. Here’s sharing you the fun of riding the ”Sky Eye,  the Zip Line  definitely not available at night.

IMG_0268 copy

The Sky Ranch Amusement Park keeps me going. Possibly, I’ve forgotten my age,  LOL!   I think it was called,”Sky Ranch because the ranch is just beside the amusement park.  Check the horses nearby.

IMG_0207 copy

The color wheel while rotating, the light color changes as it  brings vivid colors to brighten the dark sky.

 IMG_0432 copy

Night ride on the sky is very relaxing, slowly as it evolves,once you’re up, you can see the colors of the starlight and the beautiful aerial view of Taal.

IMG_0207 copy

The color wheel of the Sky Eye is amazing!  It was glittering, sparkling that filled the night sky with vivid colors.

 Other Rides

IMG_0284 copy


IMG_0293 copy

 It was difficult to leave the park. It was an amusement park  you need to see and experience before morning comes! 

For foods, It’s Josephine’s Seafood Restaurant, the ambience so relaxing.

IMG_0117 copy

 For lunch, It’s our favorite,Oyster Rockefeller, One of the best served in the restaurant.

 IMG_0104 copy

 Crispy Pata was crispy and delicious.

As the result, it was a wonderful vacation for all of us. It was a a broad hide-away to escape the city traffic and home worries. My journey continues next post…

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Gardening/Greenery/Garden Insects | My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on April 23, 2014

After my 3 days vacation in Tagaytay, one of the best features that I will highlight here is the Sunflower field. It’s not that hard to find this common kind because it is wild form. As you know, sunflowers can withstand the dry conditions of the soil. I’ve noticed that sunflower grow and spread faster especially if the space is not limited.

With the rich soil and temperate climate of Tagaytay, all the subdivision vacant plots was loaded with these flowers and some growing salad vegetables.  Exploring the farm under full bright sun makes me feel exhausted, the heat of the sun was so intense that makes my skin bit darker. However, the sky clouds seemingly low and blue in color, thought it would make a beautiful background to produce lovely shots.

Gardening was much improved over the years, the presence of different species of flowering plants and wild forms have flourished.  If you follow the routes going to the tropical forest, you’ll discover unique varieties with wide range and colors.

Sunflower produces wide golden-yellow blooms which is abundant throughout summer. From the name itself, of course, sunflower is a summer flower that loves the sun. Attractive as it looks, big lovely splash of golden-yellow petals makes the best decorative background in the farm. For me, every garden must have the wild side, the attendance of wild sunflowers must be present for the garden to look brilliantly natural.

Would love to take home some, I want a sunflower garden of my own. I’ve collected some dried sunflowers so I can get seeds from it. Sunflowers can be raised from seeds. I’ll bring it home and scatter those seeds in the garden.

Here are some of the photos I took during the first day of my vacation there. Lets get started!

 (Click on images to view larger)

IMG_9329 copy

Nature’s view, it was wild and lovely in full golden yellow.

IMG_9468 copy

Wild blooms, rows of yellow wild and free.

IMG_9463 copy

You can see here, the clear view, beside the field is a summer house.

IMG_9269 copy

Sky viewing with the sunflowers. I feel like cutting these flowers, it would probably  looks lovely over my left ear. 

IMG_9470 copy

Here’s catching higher view, the sunflower plant is taller than me. 

IMG_9465 copy

  I’ve seen sunflowers around so many instances but, closer distance makes the difference.

IMG_9466 copy

I have to raise my camera in order to include the sky background.

IMG_9270 copy


IMG_9328 copy


IMG_9468 copy

Wide spread, my individual photo of sunflower.

IMG_9467 copy

How I wish to pick up some for  my vases but, I didn’t bring any gardening tools, the  stem was so hard.

IMG_9471 copy


IMG_9330 copy

I’ve seen giant sunflowers so many other instances but closer distance makes a big difference, you can touch it and see closer to the pollinating insects nearby.

IMG_9472 copy


IMG_9331 copy

I’m glad ,all shots came up to be beautiful, the clear blue sky make candid shots to bring out the beauty of the sunflowers.I hope you’ll like it. More garden flowers of Tagaytay next, my journey continues next posts.

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