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Heavy Crop of Beautiful Flowers

By on October 10, 2016

Bearing a heavy crop of beautiful flowers in clusters sometimes, carrying many flowers on one stem alone, these flowering plants live in a dry climate however, manage to survive even during rainy season. This is a good example of plants that can easily adopt themselves to the climate and a  good specimen for beautification.

Summer growth flowers are produced abundantly as shown here that’s why I’m closing close track of the flowers thinking that when flowering ends, seeds are being released and ready to be collected. The next step is to dry the seeds for a week or two and plant them, one month after, it will give lushness of the surroundings.

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Gardening/Greenery/Garden Insects


By on May 19, 2014

IMG_3990 copy

     Dendrobium Hybrids

Big tree beside the greenhouse is partly shading the orchids. Definitely,it makes the surrounding cooler. Usually having a greenhouse, orchids will receive less light but at the same time, the most sun exposure. It really depends on how the greenhouse is constructed facing the direction needed to protect the orchids. (Click on images to view larger)

IMG_3988 copy

Dendrobium Hybrids, common type of orchids available during hot days. Light levels clearly shows certain amount of sunlight. That can make a different kind of exposure  at different time of the day. Other varieties of orchids are sensitive to the direct rays of the sun that’s why, a good foundation is needed to protect the orchids.

IMG_4004 copy

Yesterday, I visited the Garden Orchids along White Plains. I observed the greenhouse, insulation was added like; polythene and plastic sheeting. Other orchid gardens in my friends backyard, they prefer the glass sheeting which is more expensive but it looks neat and durable. To some, they want polythene tunnels.

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