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100 Most Beautiful Photos of Honeybees

By on May 21, 2012

My summer collection of honeybees.These honeybees keeps me busy during summer.Call it,”My summer love affair with the honeybees”. It’s not easy to snap these flying insects under an extreme setting, exposing my skin under the bright sun, however,it’s quiet easy to photograph something in our own backyard garden.

These photos will help you understand of what is being described in my previous post. Got a hundred images for now, But soon, I’ll upload more for my specific topics. With these great number of images, so worried that I will wake up one day and see no more bees around. I would be missing them.

To let them stay longer? Honeybees are truly attracted to a small white flower of Muntingia Calabura. I really need to take care of these trees in order for the bees to stay longer. Somehow,  nature will do the rest. I was inspired to post it here as a reminder of the long summer vacation. It might be a great time pass and entertainment to view. Feel free to point the best one. Over a hundred photos of honeybees to view!

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