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Clouds That Looks Like a Cat

By on July 8, 2015


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I looked up overhead with interest,the formation of clouds in the sky looks like a cat. A rare image that is hard to catch but easy to photograph. Watching with amazement,I took my camera and snapped it right away. It’s just a sort of a smile that only leaves a few seconds to take pictures. I don’t even know when to expect the animal formation of clouds again.

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Sky Clouds

By on October 4, 2012

The sun was kicking, I looked up and saw these beautiful clouds. It was huge and thick. The clouds looks like heaps of cotton floating in the sky.With the people around me at this time of the day, I heard the same response about the formation. Amazing!

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Clouds looks like a very thick cotton balls in the sky.


I will ¬†continue to follow the clouds to complete the formation and soon you’ll view next posts.

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