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Beautiful Orchids

By on May 23, 2014

Orchids are beautiful but they are not fragrant flowers, which unlike other flowers like roses and gardenias have a delightful fragrance. Problems around when it comes to growing of orchids, I don’t know why our orchids lose leaves in darker spots, I really thought they can easily adopt to cooler environment.So much more to know that it lacks sunshine but, over powering sunshine is not good also. I can still remember the good kind of orchids we had before; Cattleyas and Miltonias, it’s probably the most spectacular with the striking colors of bright yellow and dark pink combination.However, the most loved around is the Jungle spots and Rangers”AOK”, I love the raffles on petal edges,it has full shape and beauty. I think, it’s ideal for bridal centerpiece.

The most glamorous when it comes to petal shapes, the” Odontoglossums,” Other species we had before are ”Lyoth Rotonda,” it was so beautiful like the Lyoth Fantastique but these kind tend to be very expensive. If ever to collect again, I make sure to install a greenhouse to filter the sun and insects. Must probably be the most suitable ones.

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Gardening/Greenery/Garden Insects


By on April 3, 2014

DSC02988 copy

Phalaenopsis Amabilis,  a shade loving  orchids with clear white flowers. Grown under the tree, there’s no direct sunlight which is favorable to these type of orchids. I just love that  lavish blooms in clusters.

We have had a collection of orchids like;  Cattleya, Miltonia, Phalaenopsis and particularly the Odontoglossum. Some rare species of hybrids, the most popular and common ones but, I don’t know why they disappeared one after the other. Others grown in fir slabs, pots for my window decorations, baskets and  coconut trunk.

I think, I have failed to give continuously the special attention of caring and watering or might be over-watering.  I noticed every time the presence of mould, circular marks and black dried spots on the leaves that quickly spreads throughout  killing the whole plant. Is it a virus infection? I don’t know. I cannot even distinguished which one was attacked by virus and sunburn, the sign looks almost the same.  Sometimes I was thinking of our location, it might be too hot, that makes it very hard for them to reach the required temperature.

Of course, I know the basic requirements but the problem is the irregularity of watering and sometimes it’s over-watering. I was too busy for other things every time then, it’s only now that  I have the interest again to care for some flowering plants. It’s summer, Is it the right time to start? What do you think? Which one is suitable and which one is not? I need help!

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DSC02998 copy

It’s an outdoor orchids, these one is clinging to the tree trunk that serves as convenient support.

DSC02994 copy

If ever I will collect again, just to make sure I will choose the species suitable to the kind of atmosphere here.

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