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Muntingia Calabura Fruit andFlowers

By on March 10, 2017

Muntingia Calabura  blooming under full sun,the petals changes its position and lean to the light and flop over. It’s a small,and white star-like flower that has a crepe texture petals and golden yellow anther that attracted insects around. However, the sepal and stigma  is color green,so with the evergreen leaves. During hot season, the taste of the fruit is quiet sweet and juicy but during rainy days, it’s tasteless as it’s only good for the birds and honeybees.

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Sky Blue with Muntingia Calabura

By on October 9, 2013

Morning glow of the day is to appreciate all the good things in life as it was tightly packed with treasures and beautiful scenery. Watching the flowers take its shape in the morning and rate my favorites is the reason of enjoying the beauty of nature,it is something that I loved to do with passion that gives me a better view of the things around. Photographing the white flowers with the  blue sky  background looks well in a more natural setting,it  is a learning fun and fascinating.

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IMG_5103 copy


IMG_5056 copy


IMG_4791 copy


IMG_4786 copy


IMG_5475 copy


IMG_6679 copy


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Exceptionally Attractive Muntingia Calabura

By on January 30, 2013

For the first timers, to see this kind of wildflower  Muntingia Calabura would already be a common scene that you’ll see it everywhere or anywhere in the wild. Not even good for flower arrangement and bouquet  but, if you see the  close-up shots,it would be a different thing,Of my great surprise! Muntingia Calabura flower is  exceptionally attractive and superb!

We have it in our own backyard.A tree  that can tolerate full sun. Muntingia Calabura tree was indeed a valuable one, source of shade, with the flowers and fruit together serve the insects for their needs. It doesn’t require much care and tall enough that can adapt to any types of soil; moist or dry.After the blooming, a small fruit comes out,a fruit which is also the bird’s favorite. I was inspired to shoot these tiny flowers every time and it’s my favorite summer pastime.I was already doing these for almost a year and suited for my own purpose.It’s nice to share and it seems, I’m now giving an account of my daily work.It’s just a regular work needed to be done.

Here’s my photo collection of Muntingia Calabura or Aratiles Flower

Note: Click on images to view larger

IMG_6740 copy

IMG_6609 copy

IMG_6361 copy

IMG_6285 copy

IMG_5969 copy

IMG_5062 copy

IMG_5060 copy

IMG_4971 copy

IMG_4717 copy

IMG_4543 copy

IMG_3102 copy

IMG_1823 copy

IMG_1700 copy

IMG_1396 copy

IMG_0478 copy

IMG_7344 copy

IMG_0241 copy

IMG_0852 copy

IMG_1230 copy


IMG_2900 copy

IMG_4848 copy

IMG_4855 copy

IMG_8417 copy


IMG_2942 copy

IMG_3962 copy

IMG_4677 copy

IMG_4770 copy

IMG_4677 copy

IMG_3962 copy

IMG_2942 copy


IMG_2656 copy

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Wild Flower- Muntingia Calabura

By on May 3, 2012

(Click on image to view larger)

This is a typical kind of wild flower called, Aratiles or Muntingia Calabura and the favorite of the bees. A very small flower but, looks so beautiful and attractive.

Here in the Philippines, We call it  Aratiles flower but,according to my research, it came out to be very different.The fruit looks almost the same with the aratiles fruit I’ve seen in the book but, the leaves looks different from the rest of sample pictures. I’m just curious about it!

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