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Learning and Technology

By on November 11, 2013

New system of education makes life easier now. Before, it’s quite hard and complicated when it comes to studying.We write longer and consume more time doing research work in school  and National library.The travelling time going to some places to research, long traffic congestion makes you bored to just sit down for hours. Certainly, you’ll consume more time in travelling that makes life a burden.

During my time, academic teachers take  more time on writing to the board than explaining the main subject. Certainly, that will lessen the class participation and interaction. You can just imagine, So little time, so many writings. Now, there’s a TV in the classroom with a big screen.The teacher will just click to showcase while explaining. The students can even enjoy more reading it because of informative features that you see on the wide screen.Today, teachers don’t have to spend much to get hands on the long board. The PC and the internet,WI-FI is always available for easy access to the internet.The modern technology contributes to the speed of learning. It’s practically saving more time and effort that will work both ways.

How fast time flies ! The flow of transformation from hard to easy system.You can now research online and instruct your PC to do all the work for you. How about the electronic notebook designed for learners? What do you think?  If you compare the system of education today from yesterday,it’s  easier  now. For the teachers and students? Less worries and stress. Absolutely, the old ways would be a primitive one.

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Technology/ Learning Tips

Opening of Classes/ School Days Again

By on May 30, 2011

Children can’t wait for the opening of classes. They are anxious to see their old classmates and new teachers as well and proud  parents are happy to see them leave for school right? after, there would be a calm and free moment for the parents to rest and house would be more peaceful and organized after spending weeks of preparing for this.

As the school year starts, I’m very hopeful that this year 2011-2012  would be a better start. The good thing about it , We live in a place that happens to be near the school. Thanks God! The school is just 10 minutes drive away. I don’t experience any morning rush and stress but the only drawback living near the school is the heavy traffic congestion that happens around 6-7 in the morning and in the afternoon during dismissal time.

I always received text messages from friends about choosing a school for their child. I always tell them few factors to consider:’’ If you want to get a better education is to live in a convenient place near-by school” but as I know, not everyone can afford to live in an expensive neighborhood like; Valle Verde, Greenwoods,  Kapitolyo etc. One convenience of living few blocks away is I can save gas and energy too. Another thing to consider is the school facilities and educational approaches like; class size and classrooms, library, clean restrooms, modern technology to meet student special needs and demands, modern facilities. Although, it’s not a guarantee for higher achievement  but it helps.

If you are concerned parents? the most important is their safety of your kids. Exchanging views and opinions with friends can help you decide which one to follow. Our school have been hiking of portion fees( a percentage) but, added some services like: air-conditioned classrooms, special clubs, additional books, modern technologies,  etc. So don’t mind  prices of oil and commodities have rocketed together with tuition fees at the same time. Be private or public as long as you parents have done all you can in sending your kids to get a good education. Perhaps, it’s exciting to plan and think about their future if you are prepared and secured.

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