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The V-Formation Of Birds

By on August 31, 2011

The arrival of the egrets in from all parts of Central Asia leaving the winter months.During winter,Egrets escape the cold weather in temperate regions and drove them to a warmer place like Malaysia.They go back same way driven by natural instinct for survival.


Egrets in flight, flying forming the V-Formation. Egrets used V- formation when migrating.  Amazing! I only live once to see this and I was very happy. I felt like, I was very close to nature to see the heavenly blue sky..

Photographed by: Pixel Pro Photography, Malaysia

Why do Egrets fly in this kind of formation? So curious to see these birds cooperating with each other.  I can still remember my high school days.All the best lessons I have learned from my science teacher and until this point.  Using the V- Formation helps the Egrets to save energy. The V- shaped was created by the first bird, leader of the group  itself to reduce resistance from the back row. When the leading bird gets tired, another bird takes over the lead. You can just imagine the long distance flight during migration.  I don’t know how long They migrate. We will learn a lot from here.

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