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By on November 11, 2013

New system of education makes life easier now. Before, it’s quite hard and complicated when it comes to studying.We write longer and consume more time doing research work in school  and National library.The travelling time going to some places to research, long traffic congestion makes you bored to just sit down for hours. Certainly, you’ll consume more time in travelling that makes life a burden.

During my time, academic teachers take  more time on writing to the board than explaining the main subject. Certainly, that will lessen the class participation and interaction. You can just imagine, So little time, so many writings. Now, there’s a TV in the classroom with a big screen.The teacher will just click to showcase while explaining. The students can even enjoy more reading it because of informative features that you see on the wide screen.Today, teachers don’t have to spend much to get hands on the long board. The PC and the internet,WI-FI is always available for easy access to the internet.The modern technology contributes to the speed of learning. It’s practically saving more time and effort that will work both ways.

How fast time flies ! The flow of transformation from hard to easy system.You can now research online and instruct your PC to do all the work for you. How about the electronic notebook designed for learners? What do you think?  If you compare the system of education today from yesterday,it’s  easier  now. For the teachers and students? Less worries and stress. Absolutely, the old ways would be a primitive one.

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