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By on September 17, 2012

Over the past years of blogging, I have been interested in photography. During that time, I was only a beginner, of course as a food blogger, I took photos of different foods on the table, animals,  landscapessunset and flowers. Shooting images from straight in front of the subject is easy. For me,macro is the easiest. You might be thinking I’m a pro. now. No! Got some bad photos  and thanks God! more on good ones. I will resolved to consider everything. I’m still learning following basic guide and some tips online and  following the rules of cardinal photography. What is important is the determination and interest to do it. Learning from mistakes is the best teacher and thanks to my mentor, professional photographer of a famous magazine, a huge help to me, always pushing me to be patient and demanding me to do my best as well.A lot of times, my dedication to my work always pays off! How encouraging!  Here’s my snapshots for the day. Got some underground snapshots of Manzanita flower inside the cave.

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on February 13, 2012

As I promised last week. I have mentioned that  I would post more photos of my night photography. It was  taken on the same night but in two different locations. How beautiful to view the Christmas lights show. It was a bit delayed due to work overload and I was busy during the past Holidays. However, Last night, I have uploaded the latest from my camera. I have photographed more than a 50 night scenes and landscapes during my long spare time.

There’s no time for photography except on Saturdays, Sundays and Special Holidays. However, It’s wonderful to view your own work, and to experience shooting the colors of nightlife, you can feel the enjoyment  expressing the result of your passion. I’m collecting my efforts to store it here just for you. Let’s get started. Let us enjoy what photography has to bring!


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This is the annual Christmas Lights display inside the Meralco Compound along Meralco Avenue, Ortigas. It’s a family destination,a delightful way to spend a December evening.


The Meralco building filled entirely with bright lights, spiral lights wraps around the giant Christmas trees.

The Giant Nativity scene features the reenactment of the Holy Family.

This is the most attractive Giant Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. It was the star of the night.

I was amazed to see this Christmas balls around. I was very attractive, It was a very glamorous light.


The glittering well designed Chapel.



I was delighted to see the luminous glow of  bahay kubo.

The slimmering reflections of multi-colored lights changes from time to time.

The Meralco bus is a special attraction.

I’m here,you can see me making the peace sign.

The Starlight ship was so beautiful!

The reflections of the night.


The Wonderland playhouse. One of the children’s favorite to take pictures.

I love the glitzy glow of neon bulbs.

The hanging and graceful spiral lights brighten up the surroundings.

The Angels with a long trumpet call of the night.

I felt like,  I was already in heaven to see this place.

A special train ride for the kids is crowded with people taking turns to ride.

Dozens of people lined up to pay before boarding and under age must be accompanied by an adult.

 Merry Christmas Santa is also present.

The Giant robot is the boy’s favorite view.


Other kid’s favorite, A special toys.

Thousand bright bulbs line the paths and illuminate the entire compound.  It was a beautiful evening sight! What  a joyous activity photographing splendid settings of the night.  Meralco  is just four blocks away from home. I hope you enjoyed viewing my night photos. Hope to hear from you.

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