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Bees and Caterpillars

By on July 9, 2013

Lately,I’ve discovered leaves that was badly damaged, I was wondering who made these damages. Got 2 leaves to compare with. To my point of comparison,the first leaves was not fully damaged,it was cut off into an oval shaped and ring form.However, to my second discovery was more intense. How can you tolerate to see, it was all disrupted and destroyed.They totally ate all the leaves leaving only the veins and stems. I ‘ve photographed it for proof. Who’s to be blamed for these?

IMG_4283 copy

Damages done by the leaf-cutter bees.

IMG_6843 copy

The honey bees as leaf-cutter bees.

IMG_5229 copy

The Gypsy moth caterpillars.

IMG_5779 copy

Damages done by the gypsy moth caterpillars.They are considered as a pests. Almost zeroing everything,I guess, they are in the destructive stage at this time.I’m just wondering  what made them crave to eat all the leaves.They will surely stop upon reaching the next stage of their life cycle.

IMG_8727 copy

Sometimes,the gypsy moth caterpillars with the whole family; father,mother,and children,they all gathered together to do the same activity for the day.

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Gardening/Greenery/Garden Insects | My Indoor and Outdoor Photography


By on July 19, 2012

Dragonflies as the fastest flyer, excellent catcher and best aviator. They have a very good clear eyesight,they can even snap up their food as they are flying along.This is interesting as they can do two things at the same time; eating while flying. I took this snapshots this morning in our own garden backyard. I’m now focusing my interest to the bugs life. It’s fun to know more about our own insect neighbors; the ugly bugs, the beauty bugs and the beneficial ones. It’s a common insect that you can see in our own surroundings. The close-up images  will reveal the external features of a dragonfly. See how it looks!

(Click on images to view larger)

My macro shot. You can clearly see the external features here. The four transparent wings with a very unique vein designs.

I took only 3 pictures. It’s quite a colourful one. Hoping to snap for more  soon.

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