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There is Always Tomorrow but Things You Can do for Today,Don’t leave it for Tomorrow

By on October 4, 2016

There is always tomorrow but things you can do for today must not be postponed for tomorrow because tomorrow is another day. For everyone seemed delaying things they can do for today, thinking tomorrow is always there. Of course, if you wake up is always another day and tomorrow comes next..

Saying tomorrow is a concept to delay things as tomorrow becomes an excuse to delay things, all task must be done right away after planning it.There must never been a disturbance to be interrupted because time is an essence. Don’t you know? tomorrow never ends. What you can do for today must be accomplished immediately, just do it now because time is running short .

For me, doing things for tomorrow is not an acceptable reason and consistently yours to finish right away, no obvious reason!

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Inspirational Quotes

Quotes Beyond Words

By on November 14, 2014

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Quote on photo> ”Whatever you have is just temporary, learn to love and respect before you lose it”

Sharing special memories to remember

Everything on earth is just temporary, it will not last forever. This might be the reason why we can’t find everlasting happiness on earth that we can only find it peacefully in heaven.

I’m just sad to remember all bad memories. Lately, ”Super typhoon Yolanda” hit the Philippines, it destroyed the  hard-earned possessions that  we cherished. People lost their loved ones and hard-earned belongings like; houses, appliances, furniture and all the things with sentimental values.  It was all washed out leaving us unforgettable memories to remember…

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