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By on January 24, 2013

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The sun shot his brilliant rays through,bright sun ray appeared brightly forth! It’s beautiful and much as wonderful day to see the flowers. What appeared here is magical to explain,bright clouds and the striking sun rays favored the scene.I was pretty surprised by the reflections.I guess, it’s more or less I’ve expected. It wasn’t bad as I though.I was delighted by the sight.

In 2 months time,It will be summer time again.well,for now,I’ve only 3 things to look forward to this coming summer.Firstly, I will photograph the stinging insects again for the second time. It’s the honeybees.I guess these stinging insects are more active during summer, as well as the photographer,that’s me! It will be my summer romance with them, LOL ! Secondly, is to buy a new camera so I can go as far as I could to photograph the beauty of nature and wildlife.I don’t know if I ever mentioned these to my previous posts. Thirdly, is to go to the beach with with my family. Ohhh! I just can’t wait.Others idea of perfect summer is different from mine. I was thinking that if the rest of the summer goes like today,I’ll be the best summer ever.

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