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Welcome Change

By on May 30, 2011

During my early teens, I was innocent and simple. I will only buy inexpensive clothes to local stores because I so was impressed with local brands. I even looked at people wearing designer clothing as extravagant and excessive. A celeb – styled clothes more than a few thousand pesos. The clothes, shoes and accessories amounting to half a months’ salary?  Is it just for show? Do you care?

The trend of today`s dressing is closer than we think. The gifted goods money spent has more to offer. I have figured it out and opened my mind to new discoveries and it’s easy to fall prey to certain things that life has to offer. With life comes experience,You’ll get more deeper as you grow older as life runs its courses.

Recently, I had stopped wearing my old clothes and relegated to our storage cabinet. I got tired of wearing them because it was already out of style. I have shifted to a more fashionable and comfortable ones.

My closet is now full of imported items that I will settle with it. Fashion of  today made me love and wear skinny jeans again. I started to love the looks of it. Not to mention disadvantages like; sweaty and tight-trapped legs. With foreign brands, you’ll see some awesome stuff  that you’ll fall in love with. Some jeans don’t go out of season and will last longer than expected. The good thing about it?  I don’t need to buy things all the time giving me choices for other stuffs. Thus, I can save money. Another to consider is the versatility and durability.

The idea of practicality during my early years was buying local brands because it is wise-cheaper compared to other brands.  but lately, I have noticed foreign brands are classy and comfortable to wear. A breathable fabric (especially some blouses and sneakers so my feet won’t get hurt even after an entire day walking. I have tried various items of clothes and shoes.  It’s practical choice.

It is difficult to say ‘’no’’, to the trends of today’s look. One of the fastest way to climb corporate ladder is to dress up well to the position you are aspiring for and especially if you  meet clients to win contracts. My idea here is just a personal idea of fusion modern- style and classic. This makes me feel confident to get noticed in a good way, better dressed-well according to trend of fashion and  looks  like my best self!


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