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By on December 10, 2012

Today, An idea hit me! What about using an artificial background ? I learned this idea from a good friend who happens to be a professional photographer of Daily magazines. I just discovered that photos can be taken using techniques too.Previously, I have applied to a tree sparrow and thought it will also works for the honeybees. Using artificial background is just as deceiving your sight too. I’m aware of these. I know it will not come out to be a natural but, I want to try all sorts.It was an easy trick! See if it works, I’m worried what the result would be…..

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How did I do it? 

Oh well,Got 3 A’s photography here. 3-A’s  stands for Awful, Annoying and amazing photographs. The idea was simple and easy.I tried hanging colored cardboard, some printed piece of magazines and colored art papers just behind the flower. All i have to do is to wait for the proper timing,waiting for the coming of honeybees to pollinate the said flower. It does not take longer since the bees keeps coming back many times to pollinate it again and again.At times, backing off to give ample time for the honeybees to get used to the presence of the light colored board.

The result is good as well as funny and annoying ! What do you think?  I was able to get good shots and wasting some too.There’s no harm trying,I can just correct my funny trial and error game! In photography,you can cut major body parts accidentally without even knowing it.You can cut the head, sometimes  one arm is missing ,sometimes, head is present without the body. It was all part of learning.

The result of images taken, It works for some, but, not as good as expected. Others are just good to reward my effort. The good thing about this experience,It was easy,no editing needed,no important piece of equipment needed,no interchangeable lenses,no tripod and you can even use  a pocked-sized camera which is more lighter to handle to turn quickly fast to the left and right.

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