My Indoor and Outdoor Photography


By on February 3, 2012

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Before the end of the year 2011, I made myself available for a night to photograph the Glittering lights of the city. The long holiday vacation gave  me  the option  free to shoot the colours of nightlife. For me, photography is not just a pastime ans a  favorite hobby during vacation, it’s my responsibility to shoot and take good photos for my blogs.As a blogger, using pictures in articles is the best way to communicate with my readers and an effective way to show author’s account. Not only for the reason to document the place or makes the site looks distinctly beautiful, It can simply helps me to explain what I’ve written. For only a night, I took photos of the show from all different locations. It was a cozy and bright surroundings, the shimmering  bright lights, glittering small bulbs, etc. It’s a dreamland of a moving mannequin show. These pictures will reveal a starry, starry night worth remembering.It taken around Greenhills during the 2011 Christmas show. How wonderful to shoot the touch of the night transformed into a starry,starry night. I stayed up to the closing time , I’ve waited for the fireworks display which would end up the show.

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