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Vinca Periwinkle

By on August 26, 2015

Vinca Periwinkle are tropical plants with  5 petaled flowers and dark green glossy leaves. The variety of colors from rosy pink to light pink, pure white, fuschia, purple, pink rose with rose eye and white with pink eye centers. Vincas are not scented flowers but  sunit looks brightly attractive under the, they can stand to the hot condition of full sun, humidity and dry soil too.

Just as good and ideal to the kind of climate we have here. I don’t control the overgrowth of vincas in the backyard even if they are over-crowded because it looks good. If you alternate the different color combinations, it gives a vibrant delight in the garden.

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Garden Inspiration

By on October 29, 2013

IMG_0989 copy

Here’s my subject for today !

My everyday routine is  to photograph any subject of the day. Somehow,it’s a source of inspiration that gives me more energy and a soothing feeling from day to day! Normally, photographing is done in the morning just before the hot time of the day. The most interesting part is to express something from nature that dresses my surroundings.

IMG_0980 copy

In here, the dramatic light of the sun makes it more interesting to view. Any subject around is quiet easier to find nearby.

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