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All About Inca Dove

By on July 15, 2016

Inca Dove

It is said to be that doves may live, feeding and gather in large flocks but this Inca dove is solitary(existing alone) It is quite different from the rest being solitaire. At first, I thought it was a turtle dove as it is not a familiar visitor in our backyard but I’m not sure if this kind of dove belongs to the same family of turtle dove. I’ve noticed he flocked together with a large number of tree sparrows which are a regular visitors in the garden. Cat scraps on the ground are most welcome for them, our backyard seems to be a favorite destination of hungry sparrows although our garden is not that spacious enough but fruits trees can provide a place where they can refuge when alarmed at night. Natural sites and shaded positions is also important during nesting stage.

All about Turtle Dove

I’m a bird lover, I don’t mind the presence of birds, bees and butterflies around. They served as the best photography subject indoors. Macro shots shown here, the face is quite similar to the rock pigeon which is common in our area but has a pigeon-like appearance. I love the circular display flight, gliding on raised wings. I think, this dove is an adult dove as shown by its maturity and body appearance. Other rare pigeons were sighted in our area recently but I don’t know if there’s a census committee for rare pigeons.

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Garden Visitors: Tree Sparrows

By on June 21, 2012

What a beautiful morning surprise! Large flock of birds continously chirping at my window this morning. I look out and saw the tree sparrows. Immediately, I went outside without delay with camera on hand. Because of excitement, I didn’t wait any longer to watch them. I keep still in one corner pausing quietly and moved closer to get a good view. I don’t see any available hides beside me but, I was able to photographed the birds before they disappeared in seconds.

The Tree sparrows, a very similar and most common species of bird.A greyish-brown in colour and feathers appeared to white,black and brown combination.They look stunning with the bright blue sky at the background. They all sat on an old branch of a  Chico tree. They are active grooming exclusively in the morning.Though I hear sparrows chirping outside every morning, This is my first time to see them all together.A little bit close-up,You can see them sitting comfortably while grooming  with more detail.What a great number!

I was even amazed to see them cleaning their feathers, spreading their wings, lifting to the right and left direction. Some hiding their heads and scratched all over. I guess, It’s a daily morning grooming. I have enjoyed watching them cleaning everything.

I love the higher pitch sound of the tree sparrows,but it’s just like music to my ear. Bird watching is really exciting!I don’t need to head off  watching the birds in some areas. My own garden provides the natural environment for the birds to come.

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