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Panagbenga Festival 2016

By on March 2, 2016

Panagbenga Flower Festival 2016 draws big crowd in Baguio city. The crowd bursting into spontaneous cheers filled the areas in front of Convention Center and thousands lined the streets of Session road as early as 3 a.m. to see the flower float parade. Others endured the long hours of waiting and sleeping on both roadside spaces and sidewalks, motorist and commuters having a hard time to get out from this point because of road closures nearby.

Panagbenga Festival is a popular festival in the Philippines, the most attended parade that includes parade of flower floats, street dancing, Philippine folk dance,ethnic dance, marchers, band music performed in traditional costumes. Some t v personalities and movie stars attended this event.

I was around as early as 5 am to take snapshots of this event. Of course, I want a hassle free photography with no interruptions and distractions, I don’t want to experience different factors, I already organized everything for myself beforehand.  Street photography is quite hard to be with big crowd but anywhere around, it’s fun to hear enjoyable shouting and screaming of the crowd. We Filipinos are happy even when we are facing different crisis, we are hospitable to welcome our guests especially during feast. This event surely preserves the customs of particular race.

Street Photography of the Panagbenga Festival floats, all photos done as early as 5 a.m. just before the parade, I started following the parade route stretching from the Convention center, Session road to SM.

Street dancing has certainly been an important part of the festival, a form of entertainment, tradition and history.Bringing up the symbol of the festival, what a festive feeling to smell the fragrant flowers throughout the street. The flower floats are the best attractions made by the people of Baguio, all beautiful flowers seems to bloom on the float. Thank you so much for that. Let’s get started !

33 Pictures of Panagbenga Festival Floats 2016

Truly breathtaking to bring the flowers from the garden to decorate all the floats, range of colors and the arrangement of flowers according to the float theme appeared artfully creative. One can just imagine, a day before to gather all the right flowers to form in style, shaping and mixing patterns of colors adding elegant highlights to emphasized the whole outline.

Baguio city, the city of the cold sun have benefited from their cold location that some unique variety of flowers mostly originated there.

Event: Panagbenga Flower Festival 2016

February 28,2016

Venue: Session road  to Melvin Jones Grounds Baguio city


As photo shows, brilliant mass of flowers with striking color combinations


Distinctive graceful pattern of blooming flowers with gorgeous walls and elegant borders.

A field of flowers on top, just like humans too, being beautiful is an advantage.

Seemingly endless variety of combinations.


























Folk traditions are very much alive with the traditional colorful costumes, this scene showing ethnic influences which is expressed in folk traditions.

I will not end up here for next next would be another blog for the next Panagbenga Flower Festival 2017.

 I would like to thank all the Panagbenga Flower Festival organizers for allowing me to take pictures before the parade. Thank you to all float sponsors. Looking forward to meet you again soon…

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Gardening/Greenery/Garden Insects


By on July 23, 2014

IMG_9309 copy

Angel’s Trumpet or Trumpet flowers

Swaying gracefully as the wind blows, Angel’s trumpet or Trumpet flowers has a bell shaped flower hanging downward. Flowering profusely during summer, the best blooms will appear under full sun and the kind of flowering plant that works well in any types of soil.

Unlike other flowers, Angel’s trumpet is scentless but attractive. Other flowers which is similar to Angel’s trumpet which has a bell shaped form flowers; Carolina, Silver Bell, Morning Glory, Four O’Clock, Abelia, Trumpet Honeysuckle, Yellow Bell and many more..

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Gardening/Greenery/Garden Insects | My Indoor and Outdoor Photography


By on March 16, 2013

IMG_4312 copy

Month of March is summer in the Philippines.During summer,work increases and gives me the chance for an outdoor gardening.Since we are now experiencing the direct heat of the sun, perfect time to plant any variety of cacti because it suits the dry area of the garden and surely flourish in equally full sunlight.Most species of cacti have hard spine and I hate the needle-like protruding spines. Preferably, I would like to have the kind with a  white hair growing on the stem and the rounded bearing red,pink and yellow flowers. Although half part of the garden is moist. With careful selection,an original flowering plants may be added so, it would be subdivided into different kinds of plants. Planting some beautiful varieties of flowering plants depends on the climate and the kind of soil where you live.I just hope the drainage will work out well for the new flowering plants.

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