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Beautiful Flowers of Baguio

By on January 24, 2018

Just a small area beside the living room is the balcony, how can I resist to capture all these attractive flowers beside me? It seems it’s the right daylight to capture the nearest subject of photography;  the  dahlias, hybrid roses and the splendid blooming lavender flowers. Appreciating these December beauties, it’s just like springtime in Baguio.

Not a clearer dawn but I’m in the right mood to capture them. It’s interesting to include the landscape behind, with the low light camera adjustment, the background gives light and breathtaking effect. How tempting. Let me show you a few… Let’s get started!

Hybrid tea roses on sunrise and pine forest background. Constantly, you can see the good result in seasonal colors.

It looks darker red when the sun shines through it.

Another good choice are the Lavender flowers in individual containers on the balcony.

Early morning sun for the red Daisies.

Other aspects of photography and the best way to reconnect you with nature is to see these landscape photos I’ve captured around. You may also want to view Baguio landscapes and the tall pine trees.

Pine forest landscape

The natural beauty of the pine forest.


Other landscape nearby covered by brilliant mass of flowers. I took this photo up there when I was still in the highlands. More to come next post.. Thanks for viewing and reading my blog!

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My Trip to Baguio City, the City of the Cool Sun

By on January 19, 2018

I’ve been keeping a daily journal of my past activities during our stay in Baguio city, it was a holiday vacation for family bonding. Now, I’m back home keeping track of the memorable moments of what my mood is each day. I remember there was once, a cold Tuesday morning, temperature drops at 12 degrees Celsius, I was in the balcony on the 5th floor wearing a bonnet and a hood to protect myself from cold.

With a hot cup of coffee on hand catching the glimpse of the entire city. My peaceful mind and relaxing feeling viewing from afar, I’ve seen a part of ‘’Camp John Hay’’ and the stunning foggy mountains as the sun is about to rise dramatically between them.

It was a moment of serenity and a quiet contemplation to welcome the start of the day  appreciating the beauty of Baguio as my location serves as the best area to watch the sunrise. Visually, it’s been a cold paradise, the city of the cool sun surrounding all tourist attractions.

My trip to Baguio was a wonderful cultural experience. To record and document all fruitful memories from behind is a good hobby. The February ‘’Panagbenga’’ festival 2018 {Saturday, Feb. 24 – March 24, 2018 Baguio city} is fast approaching and be back there again soon… just to cut this short for my next posts, see you there!

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Club Balai Isabel- Talisay Batangas

By on September 15, 2017

Bringing you through beautiful destination, savor the sun, sand and blue lake with a dramatic landscape. One of the many summer resorts in Batangas and it’s  not a hard-to-reach location with just 2 hours away from Manila , Club Balai Isabel an elegant resort is a major tourist attraction with  hotel rooms, lakeview and poolside buffet restaurant, sports facilities, spa, outdoor pool just beside the restaurant and free wifi access throughout the place.

It may not be at the top of your lists but It is a good place to visit for those who wish to find stunning view up close and personal to see Taal lake and volcano. In addition along interesting features are the beautiful tables lined along the shore is a dramatic set- up for lovers, it’s an outdoor eating  and best dining lake shore and the floating restaurant for a relaxed paced for lengthy conversations.

When I was in Tagaytay Taal Vista,I can only view Taal volcano from afar, it was just an aerial view from the top but here in Balai Isabel, you can get up a close and personal to see Taal lake and volcano.

There’s a built-in ready made rectangle frame to take pictures with the view of Taal volcano, all of the above landscape makes the best wedding venues too.

My favorite site, the spot of outstanding natural beauty.

Club Balai Isabel Hotel


Poolside break. Experience fine dining at poolside, this is  my favorite poolside snack Buko Halohalo.

Floating Restaurant


Floating Restaurant


Resort Club Balai Isabel


Resort Club Balai Isabel


Resort Club Balai Isabel


Resort Club Balai Isabel

All of these, it’s worth a visit

For more, Visit Balai Isabel website or check availability
Club Balai Isabel
Fairways drive, Talisay, Batangas

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