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My First Cross Stitch Creation “Ice Boating”

By on October 3, 2018

It’s just a simple pleasure to share something that includes time and talent that’s sure to be cherished. I’ve been keeping this precious item for such a long long time, I’m happy to show my first cross stitch creation 15 years ago, it’s fun and exciting to feature it here.

I always had a love for stitching but this one, It took some time to finish it. Way back years ago, from tens and thousands cross stitch photos and illustration showing sample design, I’ve chosen,’’Ice Boating’’as my first creative hand-sewn project. My pattern is simple but to work for it? It is a complicated complex.

Ice Boating, a scene of winter delights come to life, it looks frosty and delightful.
Striking design techniques used to show beautiful blocks of winter colors using a pattern of different cross stitch variations that covered the background completely. What a tough journey to finish this item and dealing with time restraints, I almost gave up.

Cross Stitch is a form of embroidery and absolutely, a satisfying pastime. The best way to display your finished cross stitch is to put them in a frame. Finally, my hand-sewn works of art is here, you can see my creation in the living room perhaps, you’ll see more if time permits…

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Importance And Uses Of Rose Flowers

By on March 4, 2014

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As years bring tremendous changes and a new growth, a new variety of roses are being introduced worldwide. The new tone and various coloured roses that gives contrast of colours and fragrance, no matter if it’s miniature or hybrid on a pot or on a ground, everyone takes the pride in producing their own garden of roses.

Not surprisingly, the presence of multiple buyers and strong market inspired the rose farmers and gardeners to produce more. Even the breeders won a prize in different shows, just as the best. It grew more popularity as the production steadily increased as years went. Roses, as already known for centuries, it is always the flower of choice for home, flower arrangement, surprise gift in any occasions and events. People used rose flowers for this purpose. Throughout the years of using roses at home and occasionally,I would like to share additional uses, I’m reviewing all the wonderful benefits of it.

Uses of rose flowers

1. Good centerpiece on the table

2. Flower arrangement

3. Corsage

4. Medicine

5. Perfume

6. Recipes

7. Garlands

8. Sweet freshener (house,car,cabinet drawers,office)

9. Fashion and accent pieces for; Hair, cloth, gown, shoes, bags

10. For business

11. Window garden decors

12. Bridal veil, bridal flower

13. Confetti

14. Potpourri

15. Flores De Mayo or Mayflower festival


17. Boutonniere for black suit

18. Favorite model subject of photographers, artist, printers, and wood carvers

19. Wall decors

20. Rose designs for arts, paintings, jewelries, tattoos, wood and food carvers,embroidery, schools,billboard, printing,( dresses, Prom gown, bed sheets and pillow cases) glass wares( tea sets, coffee cups, glasses, plates)

21. Perfect for landscaping in parks; amusement parks, industrial places, mansions, castles, schools, cemetery.

22. Float decorations

23. For offering; altar, grave

24. For human names, song lyrics and animal names

25. Bed of roses for newly married couple

26. Rose oil and rose water

27. Fragrant rose petals as a refreshing bubbles on a bath tub

28. For decorations in any event like; weddings, Valentine’s day gifts, festivities, birthdays, appreciations, graduations, inaugurations and ceremonies.

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