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Frosty, a Male Shih Tzu~Newest Member of the Family

By on September 14, 2018

Owning a puppy requires a big commitment to love and care for the next 15-20 years of life. Aside from commitment, the number two prerequisite for adoptive families, you will  remain committed to treat him as your own but in the end, you’ll be rewarded by unconditional love and eternal grateful to your love and kindness.

Before Frosty arrived, we made sure our house is safe and hospitable for him, we removed everything that will harm him like bottles of pesticides or anything toxic to dogs. We want to give him a safe environment as possible. Because he is still a puppy, it requires more time for basic training and to learn proper command.

The First Night

We were all very excited to welcome the newest member in the family. The first night was memorable. it was so difficult  for a 3 month old puppy to be away from his family for the very first time and I’m sure, not accustomed to sleep alone. I can’t take heart-wrenching cries and I was tempted to comfort him putting him on my bed to minimize night stress.

The Eww Factor

One most difficult to handle, picking up a poop, wiping stringy pee. For sure, it’s my responsibility but there’s the other one most difficult to handle is during teething stage, when he misbehaves, I will correct it firmly with gentle words.

Note: ( Using an Eww factor just as an expression of disgust, it also means”yuck”)

Teething Behavior

This is just normal for a puppy, we all experienced bad behavior during this time. He once rolled the whole toilet paper pulling from the toilet down to the kitchen, dining room ended in the living room, that was merely 8 meters away. The destructive chewing is the problem here, he likes to chew everything, he chewed more that 8 shoes and 10 slippers, books, ear headphones and furniture. So much and we gave Frosty an appropriate toy to chew to soothe his itchy gums. Puppies go through teething stage just like babies.

Frosty is a 9-month-old male Shih Tzu with a typical colors of crystal white with 3 light brown spots and black on both ears. The good impression of overall appearance is a ‘’handsome figure’’ He is friendly, loving and sociable but naughty playful which is just normal for puppies. We have 3 dogs; 2 Labrador breed and Shih Tzu as the latest one, we give them quality time; spending good time walking as a regular scheduled activities, giving them proper diet, daily grooming and a regular veterinary check-up of eye, ear, coat and dental care too.

Frosty First Bath

Giving everything needed, Frosty just completed all his vaccinations. I have a complete grooming supplies; metal pin brush, nail trimmers, dog shampoos and many more.

Aside from jumping, we also play lively game of squeaky toys but soon he will learn the basic obedience training and commands like; heel, sit, stay and many more..

Just like me, Frosty loves to smell the flowers in the garden.


Frosty loves to bond with fellow housemate, the Labrador Moo Cow

Moo Cow is a big Labrador breed and Frosty is just a toy dog but they get well together.

2-Month-Old Frosty  He is so cute!.

3-Month-Old Frosty

Another stunning shots for my baby!

I will always think of the health benefits being a dog owner and they are my best friends relieving my stress. They will change my life forever. And you?  Are you ready  to be a pet master?


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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Wildlife/Animals/Pets

Facial Expression of Puppies

By on November 20, 2014

Dogs are considered sociable animals displaying affection, they are happy at all times. Having one is a commitment because they demand love and care completely from the owner. No doubt, most puppies are happy but some, they look like unhappy in pictures. Other puppies  are playful with natural and sincere smile but few are also confused, annoyed and angry.

Different Facial Expression and Mood of Puppies

Just like humans, puppies have different facial expressions and moods too. Here are the natural image and true characteristics of puppies. I think, it shows breed of intelligence. I will share some of our puppy moods taken during quality time bonding with them. This is how they expressed their outer moods and inner feelings.

(Click on images to view larger)

IMG_8907 copy

Happy Face

IMG_7926 copy

Very Happy Face

IMG_8904 copy


IMG_7240 copy


 IMG_8131 copy

Broken Hearted

IMG_7312 copy


IMG_8143 copy


IMG_8906 copy

Tongue Sticky out

IMG_7150 copy

Laughing puppy,the sad puppy and the sleepy puppy

IMG_8134 copy

Sad Face

IMG_7584 copy

Sleepy Face

IMG_5056 copy


IMG_7928 copy

Angry Face  

IMG_7338 copy

Crying Baby

IMG_8099 copy


IMG_7898 copy


IMG_8854 copy


IMG_7933 copy


IMG_7907 copy


IMG_6524 copy


IMG_7940 copy


IMG_6537 copy


IMG_7473 copy


Is this the kind of  puppy you are looking for? These puppies are Labrador breeds, they are smart, strong and well-behaved. You can see clearly all the puppy dog faces likely, you probably have your own opinion. These dogs serves as our guardians, therapy dogs that they can also follow simple command. It’s worth it, best interest to be with us.

Note: 23 images of puppies and 231 word count

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Wildlife/Animals/Pets


By on May 29, 2014

With just plain friendship,loyalty and love is more than enough. So much more to add all the good qualities as being over-protective to keep us safe always, affectionate and hard-working  is already a double sense of contentment and happiness for us. We got it and our pets have it.

I’m an animal lover. I love animals  particularly cats and dogs. In the house, we have 3 big dogs. These pet dogs are purely domesticated and treated as family members. Among the 3, one is a mixed breed .Lets call her ”Chestnut, a combination of Golden retriever and Askal.

Today, Chestnut is already matured, more than 3 years of age with fully developed strong muscles and weight. She’s talented  and obedient. She can also perform simple tricks, obey orders and follow commands like sit, stay and give me five. You know, just like humans,they need discipline.

(Click on images to view larger)

IMG_8631 copy

Chestnut, displaying her super overweight body.  It was a free feeding that we provides. You can clearly see rolls of excess skin and fats.There was no scheduled feeding until recently, I realized the disadvantages of free feeding. I just need to limit her food intakes.

Picture1 copy

Chestnut when she was still 3 months old

The other 2 are Labradors; Cooper and Ashley, now 2 years old. Just like Chestnut, they are also well trained but naughty. Ashley unique color is dark chocolate brown however, Cooper in a shiny black.

IMG_3531 copy

Cooper and Ashley. Rarely involved in fights during their younger stage. Photo taken when they were still 3 months old. 

These 2 are the best working dogs around the house. We are enjoying their company, I feel safe even if I’m out or alone, they are reliable dogs that can take care of the house and family.

IMG_4469 copy

Cooper today. Very powerful appearance.  Definitely, a matured dog now.

IMG_4498 copy

Ashley is now a mother with 3 beautiful puppies.

The other day, that was Tuesday, around 1 am of May 27. Ashley gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies. What an overwhelming excitement for the whole family. Let’s welcome the arrival of 3 beautiful puppies in this world. It’s the beginning of a new life….

To be continued next post. 

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