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Santa Claus is Coming to Town

By on January 12, 2014

DSC02947 copy

Santa Claus

Lots of beautiful places to enjoy during December. All places filled with Christmas spirits, few fanciful figures, Nativity scenes are set up beautifully throughout the city. It was a feeling of excitement for the children to see the basketful of presents, Nativity scene, Christmas bells, whistles, firecrackers, frosty decorations, sparkling Christmas lights, hearty foods, family walked together going to midnight mass, school parties as it was typically for the youngsters to enjoy. For the youngsters and the youngsters at heart, Make a wish and Santa will come! Here’s a closed-up picture of dear Santa. I took this picture for you! Definitely, Santa Claus never get absent to give gifts for the children. He is coming to town again and again…

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Events/ Holidays/ Special Occasions | My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on January 10, 2014

DSC03202 copy

Meralco’s Liwanag Park

One way to celebrate the yuletide season is to document the holiday cheers and Christmas glow before the year ends. My own way to remember special memories of the past Holiday events; Christmas and New year celebrations that someday, I will look back to visit and feel the festive feeling once again. I will highlight every year, this way,I will always recall our happy memories and special reminiscences that will hold on for many years and, as much as fun and exciting as they are meant to share.

Note: (Click on image to view larger)

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Events/ Holidays/ Special Occasions | My Indoor and Outdoor Photography | Travel and Adventure


By on December 17, 2013

My 3rd year to witness and follow the annual parade, Paskotitap Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade last Sunday at the same venue, in front of SM Hypermarket. From here, parading all the way going Pasig City Hall for the dance competition. I missed these part, I was already tired after photographing all the floats. The entire venue filled with too many people and overcrowded. I can’t control the flow of crowd to move a little bit. They took time appreciating every float.

Just like the past years 2011 and 2012, It was a project of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig and Ortigas group of Companies with the help of Participating schools, Barangay and City officials. All floats represented 13 different movie theme Disneyland such as; Hello Kitty, Esmeralda, Puss in Boots, Tinkerbell, Despicable me, Cinderella, Rio, Turbo, Iron Man, Bug’s Life and Turbo. What a superb choice for other floats ! They have a good choice to pick up feminine side on ”Cinderella and Tinkerbell. Those lovely ladies portraying the roles of the said theme were amazingly beautiful. The costume was so glamorous and it was almost perfect! I guess, the costume was costly, huh!

Let’s check all 13 floats and see the result of the event last Sunday! Of course ! it’s gonna be Night Photography shots. The parade started to move around 6 pm.

(Click on images to view larger)

DSC02577 copy

”Hello Kitty” Float

DSC02868 copy

”Esmeralda” float

DSC02775 copy

”Puss in Boots” float


”Rio” float

DSC02862 copy

”Tinkerbell” float

DSC02648 copy

”Turbo” float

DSC02749 copy

”Bugs life” float

DSC02673 copy

”Cinderella” float

DSC02696 copy

”Aladdin” float

DSC02712 copy

”Iron Man” float

DSC02737 copy


DSC02758 copy


DSC02794 copy

The night event was well-organized.The Rotarians and sponsors really worked hard lending surprises and for the students to participate and show their hidden talent in dancing.

In the Philippines, you can just imagine, after the super typhoon ”Yolanda” and the destruction. How about the negative issues about our country? The gossip about here and there, non- stop everywhere. We are certain not to lose Christmas spirit, we still continue to focus to what we are doing for the goodness of life, no matter how many ”Yolandas” and ”Ondoys” come to our lives, we got a positive outlook and believe to continue with our hopes and dreams especially Christmas time is a season of sharing and entertaining. So far, I’m online to share a bit of entertainment for you. Click all photos to forget the burdens of life. LOL!

My Holiday greetings to everyone! Merry, Merry Christmas to all !

Note: I forgot the name of the last 3 floats. I’m sorry…

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Paskotitap 2012-Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade

By on May 24, 2013

Every year,event takes place at the same venue. It was recognized as one of the most glamorous parade of floats carrying favorite movie themes. Just like the past years, it become an integral part of the holiday season every December.The Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade was a project of the Rotary Club of Mutya ng Pasig and Ortigas group of companies with the help of School teachers, Barangay and City officials.

All floats was represented in a unique way carrying distinctive  characters with different movie theme.The big vehicle carrying a huge generator,the entire  platform was fabulously decorated following their own theme and it  shines remarkably vivid at night with the multi-colored lights attached to the whole surface of the float.

For me, all floats appeared to be very creative and remarkable to the eyes of the passers around. First glimpse,you’ll surely stop and park. All floats lining up the side street beside the SM Hypermarket. I was having a night fun photographing all the floats but, having a hard time looking for the best spot to shoot, it was full of people around every corners of the street. What a popular attraction.It was for the masses to enjoy.

For floats previously published. > Paskotitap 2011 Christmas Lights and Sounds Float Parade

(Click on images to view larger)

IMG_4132 copy

The dragon dance troupe carrying their piece. Floats starts moving early in the evening. Young boys and girls followed the way.The photographers and videographers getting ready.

IMG_4052 copy  

For me, it was the best theme of the night, The Avatar float.Photographing the scene will take up the entire float. These float carrying the movie theme,”Avatar,”It represents the flying dragon with the two main major characters.Earlier,I’ve published the Avatar float. I’ve completed all the scenes,which includes the Avatar dancers and other props like the prayer tree.

IMG_4066 copy

lavish display and very pretty Avatar dancers.

IMG_4110 copy  

Hand crafted stuffs and figure of a huge dragon. Just wondering,how many workers get involved and how long to finish one huge float.

IMG_4112 copy

Creating a float like this would be a lengthy process considering all the lights,characters and some props added.I’m sure,it was the work of art of Filipino talented artist making interpretative figuresto make appear like the original one.

IMG_4076 copy

Pretty girls with props and wearing their glamorous costumes.

IMG_4025 copy

A huge octopus float !

IMG_4029 copy


IMG_4019 copy


IMG_4023 copy


IMG_4020 copy


IMG_4114 copy


IMG_4115 copy

” Finding Nemo” theme.

IMG_4035 copy


IMG_4100 copy


IMG_4096 copy


IMG_4171 copy


IMG_4143 copy


IMG_4142 copy


IMG_4166 copy


IMG_4082 copy

Representing the movie theme,”The Cars.”

IMG_4081 copy


IMG_4091 copy


IMG_4083 copy

The evening was quite fun. I was so tired upon reaching home. I was very anxious to upload all these photos taken during the night parade and of course, I was so excited to view some beautiful pieces of my own photography. My effort was all worth it. I’m looking forward again for next year’s Christmas light and sound float parade. Merry Christmas everyone!

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