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By on March 18, 2014

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Roses, as highly recommended during Valentine’s day, it’s the time of the year that million of rose lovers throughout the planet remember their favorite presents for their loved ones. If not chocolates or  cute stuffs, it’s roses because majority prefer fragrant flowers as a gift. Giving such, is particularly appreciated. It creates an attitude of praise between the sender and the receiver.

How it works? Let’s make a bit review.The sender wants the best gift to represent the character side and nature of the receiver that she’s lovely and sweet. These flowers will represent and reveal the exact personality of the receiver. It speaks for it. However, on the other side, the receiver simply thinks that the sender is not only thoughtful and loving as well. It will reciprocate the same admiration to both sides.

It’s a practice believed that roses are  spice of love and soon it brings a spice for life. Clearly, it’s a symbol of love. Me, myself still receiving the same kind of flowers from the same person up to the present. It’s just like saying, I’m still lovely and sweet after all these years, Honestly speaking and not to be proud off, still I am! LOL!

When getting to know more about someone,giving roses is a great way to catch attention or, you may want to start a relationship all over again. I’m sure you’ll earn a good impression while it lasts.

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By on February 26, 2014

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 Lovely Roses

Giving roses brings a special message for a purpose. If you are shy that you want to release the inner feelings you’ve been keeping for a long time,definitely, roses will do it for you. It is a special delivery attention to speak up of your love that you can’t speak for it.

For others, it’s a quick bridge to short cut the way especially if you are facing a love trouble. Roses surely will restore a good relationship. No matter if its for plain friendship or love, it serves as a peacemaker to resolve a conflict between two people.

How much more if you’ll surprise  a loved one with a basket full of red roses or a bed full of red roses? It will make a difference!

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