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Tree Sparrows-Morning Visitors in the Garden

By on October 1, 2015

Tree sparrows are my loyal visitors in the garden, they always make repeated visits even without feeders, I’m not ready install that for now,  I will just wait for them as they are always be welcomed around, our backyard is free anyway, that they come and go! What I want to create is a good artistic style for the close range, I cannot touch them so  do not expect perfection, just a natural looking tree sparrow to show you.

My morning shots for our friendly visitors in the backyard

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Clouds That Looks Like a Cat

By on July 8, 2015


10559900_807295969390598_913311066943851402_n copy

I looked up overhead with interest,the formation of clouds in the sky looks like a cat. A rare image that is hard to catch but easy to photograph. Watching with amazement,I took my camera and snapped it right away. It’s just a sort of a smile that only leaves a few seconds to take pictures. I don’t even know when to expect the animal formation of clouds again.

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Dog Fashion and Style Generation

By on December 9, 2014

Last Sunday, while I was walking around the corridors of  Tiendesitas Shopping Mall, this cute dog,  has stolen my attention. I was very happy to have another opportunity to photograph it, it was done with consent from the owner anyway. Just like humans, the charming dog looks like a star! It looks  fashionable with the vibrant and sparkling colors of her silky cotton-like coat, wearing shoes with matching blue glasses. The silky hair looks like it was also straightened. May I know who is the hairstylist? The color combination and pattern looks perfect too. I guess it’s tough to color this dog hair but the dog looks smart and well-behaved.

Wow! This is the best way to bring out the best looks in dogs. Definitely, She got the best impression and great mood for the day. I heard what people says around that it was very funny to see dog walking wearing shoes. I’m curious, I haven’t seen one yet perhaps, a bit adjustment to trim their toenails first. I missed to ask the dog’s name from the owner, hoping to catch them around at the same place soon.

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By on May 29, 2014

With just plain friendship,loyalty and love is more than enough. So much more to add all the good qualities as being over-protective to keep us safe always, affectionate and hard-working  is already a double sense of contentment and happiness for us. We got it and our pets have it.

I’m an animal lover. I love animals  particularly cats and dogs. In the house, we have 3 big dogs. These pet dogs are purely domesticated and treated as family members. Among the 3, one is a mixed breed .Lets call her ”Chestnut, a combination of Golden retriever and Askal.

Today, Chestnut is already matured, more than 3 years of age with fully developed strong muscles and weight. She’s talented  and obedient. She can also perform simple tricks, obey orders and follow commands like sit, stay and give me five. You know, just like humans,they need discipline.

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IMG_8631 copy

Chestnut, displaying her super overweight body.  It was a free feeding that we provides. You can clearly see rolls of excess skin and fats.There was no scheduled feeding until recently, I realized the disadvantages of free feeding. I just need to limit her food intakes.

Picture1 copy

Chestnut when she was still 3 months old

The other 2 are Labradors; Cooper and Ashley, now 2 years old. Just like Chestnut, they are also well trained but naughty. Ashley unique color is dark chocolate brown however, Cooper in a shiny black.

IMG_3531 copy

Cooper and Ashley. Rarely involved in fights during their younger stage. Photo taken when they were still 3 months old. 

These 2 are the best working dogs around the house. We are enjoying their company, I feel safe even if I’m out or alone, they are reliable dogs that can take care of the house and family.

IMG_4469 copy

Cooper today. Very powerful appearance.  Definitely, a matured dog now.

IMG_4498 copy

Ashley is now a mother with 3 beautiful puppies.

The other day, that was Tuesday, around 1 am of May 27. Ashley gave birth to 3 beautiful puppies. What an overwhelming excitement for the whole family. Let’s welcome the arrival of 3 beautiful puppies in this world. It’s the beginning of a new life….

To be continued next post. 

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By on May 22, 2014

IMG_4230 copy copy

Gray Wagtail

How wonderful to see and welcome my morning visitors in the garden.It gives me the right energy in the morning. Love that charming movement and the beautiful sound of songbirds around.

Commonly seen birds in the garden are the Woodpeckers,Tree sparrows, Humming bird and the Gray wagtail. Tree sparrows has Grey brown upper parts with white  cheeks underparts.  Other familiar species are present although some are beneath the roof too.I don’t know their names, it appears to be like House Martin. For now, I can’t remember any clues of identity to some that was seen before.

IMG_4252 copy copy


My garden visitor 

Soon, I will care to place a good tree as nesting site and shelter for the birds as well as a big  container for bird’s bath. The old chico tree has dried up, still looking for a good replacement. Some sparrows prefer to feed on the ground, the scrap of foods intended for the dogs are welcomed by most birds around. Lots of birds will adore my surrounding because it is a feeding ground for them, the presence of  wild red berries that produces a sweet juicy fruit usually attracts the birds to come indoors. The fruit berries not only for the birds, they are safe for children to eat.

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Cat Playing Peek-a-Boo

By on August 1, 2013

IMG_6070 copy

”Nikki” displaying her naughty tricks. She knows how to hide her face using her left paw and showing up her pinky tongue.

Our cat,”Nikki” knows how to play Peek-A-Boo.It’s a game intended for humans but my our cat does.Nikki is a member of the family,trusted friend and a loyal companion.She’s a jolly playful cat and loves the company of humans. I just love the quiet atmosphere with her as she loves us unconditionally. Somehow,gave me a happy feeling and taught me how to be patient all the time.

IMG_6068 copy

Our playful cat. Funny isn’t it?

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By on October 18, 2012

Our frequent visitor everyday; the tree sparrows and the gray wagtail birds.They come everyday for a red treat! The Manzanita tree will provide the fruit treat,a sweet red fruit that they enjoy. Being familiar with them, gave me the opportunity to get closer without using blinds to deceive them.It was just a natural thing with their free will  to get in touch with me closer than expected. It seems, they are already used to my presence everyday but, what irritates me most is the noisy sound they produced,It sounds like a rattle shaking with hard stones inside. It was really very annoying and, disturbing to the brain. Despite these things going on around, I will consider to get  some few shots today. I was inside the bedroom photographing through the window for a close range. I was even fascinated with the outcome of the close-up shots.It was natural in color.This is the good thing of being familiar with the birds behavior and activities. I don’t need to trail their time and location,they are very near to my sight. Gray wagtail bird is one of the most common bird in the Philippines. It is distinguished by his gray color and the long tail that wags. Just a few close-up shots!

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My Indoor and Outdoor Photography


By on September 17, 2012

Over the past years of blogging, I have been interested in photography. During that time, I was only a beginner, of course as a food blogger, I took photos of different foods on the table, animals,  landscapessunset and flowers. Shooting images from straight in front of the subject is easy. For me,macro is the easiest. You might be thinking I’m a pro. now. No! Got some bad photos  and thanks God! more on good ones. I will resolved to consider everything. I’m still learning following basic guide and some tips online and  following the rules of cardinal photography. What is important is the determination and interest to do it. Learning from mistakes is the best teacher and thanks to my mentor, professional photographer of a famous magazine, a huge help to me, always pushing me to be patient and demanding me to do my best as well.A lot of times, my dedication to my work always pays off! How encouraging!  Here’s my snapshots for the day. Got some underground snapshots of Manzanita flower inside the cave.

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