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Beautiful Sunflowers

July 13, 2015

Collecting seeds from sunflowers is fun, much more if you see them growing in your own garden. Last summer, I’ve collected few seeds of sunflowers in Tagaytay garden. What I did, I separated seeds from the pods and spread it in a dry place under the sun  to give them time to dry. A week after, I stored them in a container waiting for my free time to plant. I’ve planted them on the corners of the garden, some on the borders. A month after, It’s nice to see the first bloom of the hybrid variety.What a beautiful sunflower! Sunflowers, they prefer full sun and grow in any kind of soil. Our soil in the garden is quite dry and rocky still, the sunflowers can withstand the high heat, they are really tolerant of heat and drought.

Note: (Click on image to view larger)

  Close-up Pictures of  Sunflowers



What is this fly doing here? Is it considered as a pollinator? maybe …


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