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July 15, 2015

It’s a transition from dry to rainy season. Summer ends and rainy season starts, there’s a great change in temperature from day to night, it’s hot in the morning although the afternoon brings slow showers to make surroundings bit cool. In our area, the skies are clear but when night comes, we experienced occasional rains and thunderstorms. I really hate the flash of lightning and growling thunder, the rain coming down so hard, I could barely keep my eyes open and stand up to close the side window. Disturbing huh!

There’s also a sudden change of schedule, I missed my summer activities. Outdoor  photography is more limited nowadays because dark clouds are forming early in the afternoon but I can go on activities in the morning and stop in the afternoon. Sometimes, if you experienced too much rain and ground is messy wet and slippery,  you’ll miss summertime, I would also be missing the sunset snaps too.

After the strong winds and dark clouds, the rain comes. I took these raindrop photos in the morning, just as after the downpour.

Just as summer is the best time to do all outdoor photography, the warmth from the sun makes surprisingly comfortable when it comes to outdoor activities. Earlier,I stored more photos to my folder, all those interesting snaps taken last summer such as; sunset, beautiful landscape and wildlife which is tough to handle because of the bug bites and few blisters, it’s alright! All photos stored up here is already sufficient to ensure continuous posting for a month, I need not to worry about my blog photos anymore.

The dry land flakes last summer. I hate to see dry lands..

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