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Friendly Butterflies

June 11, 2012

These are very attractive and adorable creatures. When the sun shines, the colour of the wings are glittering.

After the dry,here comes the wet.Dry summer months has ended and here comes the rain again. To the place where I live, We are currently experiencing dark cloudiness  brought by the southwest moonsoon that brings rain to other areas. From June to September, the ground is always wet, and dry season occur from December to May. The first week of June greeted the land with heavy downpour, It rained continously that drove the insects away.

However, Today is a blessing! The morning sun is up  and I feel comfortable to hang out at the bench of the backyard garden. I feel relaxed, sort of a therapy that relieves my stress after a hard day’s work. Relaxing in the garden simply means enjoying with the company of the birds, bees and butterflies.The scene around is more entertaining to view. Two beautiful and friendly butterflies visited the flowers and again, I don’t want to miss the lovely scene.They move slower than expected. See how it looks!  My camera is always ready for a scene like these. How friendly? They were very friendly that they  don’t change direction every time.

I only have 2 wishes upon chasing them; not the rain drops and the wind blows. Sometimes, If you don’t have the patience to follow these butterflies, You’ll not succeed. When the wind blows, the flowers are shaking, makes the  butterfly moves on so quickly fast turning into another direction or just flew away.I hope these guys will come back again tomorrow for another photoshoot. My wish for them, they will live longer for more weeks. I will just treat them the way they deserve to be treated.

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