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January 9, 2013

A scene of holiday delights,purely adorable that will surely warm your hearts.Photographing the stunning Christmas trees  around the city is my  own way of   welcoming the entry of yuletide season. I’ve some good shots taken from the year 2011 and the newest was last year of 2012. All you can see here are the glittery fabulous accents, elaborately decorated,and some traditionally trimmed handcrafted ornaments  hanging on the branches of Christmas trees.

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IMG_3417 copy


IMG_7960 copy


IMG_6353 copy


IMG_7960 copy


IMG_8187 copy




IMG_8618 copy


IMG_9287 copy


IMG_7950 copy


IMG_4622 copy


IMG_4619 copy


IMG_7544 copy


IMG_3678 copy


IMG_3728 copy


IMG_6047 copy


IMG_3425 copy



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