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November 14, 2012

Last summer,It was too hot and it makes me tired to photograph all my scheduled subjects.I took a snap in the morning,just before lunch time and continued to finish all the way through.Everyday is just a practice,being hopeful the sky is clear and the wind will not blow. Bright blue sky  gives  a brighter color. There were times when the wind blows, the petals of the flowers drifted away,that would be very disappointing for the honeybees to pollinate it.Having these flowers that supplies food in the form of a nectar and pollen is good for the pollinators.I’m glad that our own garden provides the right flowers to attract different kinds of insects such as: honeybees,  butterflies,dragonflies, worms,etc.

I’m not a photographer but, I’m one of the persevering few seeking suggestions from pros! I can honestly  say that If you love good images of nature and life,no matter if you are a pro or not! We have the same thing in common.We are all interested to give justice and to contribute to the beauty of nature.However, Photography for me is more than a hobby, I need quality images for blogging purposes. What do you think? It would be interesting to read an article with complete illustration,pictures, short texts that will help you understand what I’m talking about.It’s my own way to lessen the words hence, making it shorter and understandable.

Luckily, I’ve collected some good images, hence,giving me more interest to continue my hobby but, I got bored of the same subject and color of my surroundings. I feel like there is something missing,  the image itself is not a good result.I got tired of my existing photos and wasn’t happy with it anymore.

 (click on images to view larger)

My interesting subject of science, ‘The Honeybees as an agent of pollination.‘It’ fun to bond with my  morning visitors in the garden.I can just simply include myself as an extra here!

Today, An idea hit me! What about using an artificial background? I learned this idea from a good friend who happens to be a professional photographer of Daily magazines. I just discovered that photos can be taken using techniques too.Previously, I have applied to a tree sparrow and thought it will also works for the honeybees. Using artificial background is just as deceiving your sight too. I’m aware of these. I know it will not come out to be a natural but, I want to try all sorts.It was an easy trick! See if it works, I’m worried what the result would be.  

How did I do it? 

Oh well, Got 3 A’s photography here. 3-A’s  stands for Awful,Annoying andamazing photographs. The idea was simple and easy.I tried hanging colored cardboard, some printed piece of magazines and colored art papers just behind the flower. All i have to do is to wait for the proper timing,waiting for the coming of honeybees to pollinate the said flower. It does not take longer since the bees keeps coming back many times to pollinate it again and again.At times, backing off to give ample time for the honeybees to get used to the presence of the light colored board.

Now, let us check the result.If you find it annoying,well, as I’ve said, it’s a part of learning! I want you to know that these website of mine is the right place to comment, you can raise all your concerns and  suggestions. You can even criticize it,I swear! I will welcome criticisms as long as you’ll do it dramatically graceful cause it hurts. LOL!

Check the 2 images below.

The Honeybee at sunrise

The Honeybee at sunset 

Using artificial background to both images, To compare both photographs of the sunrise and the sunset, Is it noticeable? According to some viewers, it creates a dramatic atmosphere.

This is a dreamy land for the honeybee.I have used a printed material behind the flower for a brighter background.

The start of spring

The garden setting, and again, I have use a garden background from a colorful page of  the magazine.

The honeybee together with the dinosaur. Its hard to to position the dinosaur image behind. It looks strange,isn’t it?  Note: View more images next post.

  1. Amazing photography! The things you do for the background; hard to believe unless you are a professional. Great going, keep them coming!

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