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Beautiful Sunset Overlooking South China Sea

January 23, 2017

The welcome sight to watch the sunset as it descends in the horizon although it was a cliff side, it offers the best chance to watch it. The rugged slopes down there with a beautiful and clean manicured landscape was just a short walk from our area where we are staying. Adding to the overwhelming impact are the presence of 2 palm trees in between that makes the sunset more memorable.

This is not the only place, we’ve got more than one, more beautiful spots to capture the sunset. The beauty of nature and location adds more life into. Photos featured here rightfully deserved to be published.

Thanks God! I’ve found my travelling companion very useful ( my camera) whatever the situation climbing up and down the slopes without complaining. Next posts, you’ll see my sunset gallery, what makes my collection of sunset photos special aside from being taken on my own? It’s the memorable experience I’ve got from visiting beautiful places to shoot with no fashion trends but looking cool and chillaxed with crazy sneakers and rugged get-up!

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