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By on March 13, 2014

Would you believe? The miniature flowers shown here are regular weeds in the garden. Some grown in our own backyard, It was scattered everywhere. Weeds can really tolerate the kind of poor and dry soil that we had here. I didn’t pull it out because the garden looks natural with the weeds around.  Small butterflies loved the flowers of these weeds too.

One factor to consider here, it might be unusual but, I would like to try it for my new subject for today. I was thinking that, it would be a useless subject since its just a weed and it’s common weeds to be seen around. However, when I saw the result of my photography, I was impressed how these native flowers makes it attractive just like the regular flowers too. Let me give a try.I have arranged the weed flowers accordingly and placed it  in a small vase.  Check the result.

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DSC05348 copy


DSC05456 copy


DSC05288 copy


DSC05439 copy


DSC05477 copy


DSC05408 copy


DSC05482 copy


DSC05483 copy


DSC05507 copy


DSC05508 copy


IMG_5121 copy


DSC05470 copy


DSC05446 copy


DSC05428 copy


DSC05304 copy


DSC05479 copy


DSC05483 copy


DSC05488 copy


IMG_5105 copy

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